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A Black Day for Mayberry - S4-E7

Continuity mistake: At the beginning of the show, two men walk into the courthouse. (As a sidenote, one of the men is Rance Howard, which is Ronnie Howard's real dad). Barney is the only one there, as Andy is out. The two men sit down to wait for Andy. Rance Howard is not wearing a hat, and he is in a light-colored suit. When Opie walks through the door looking for Andy, you can see that Rance is not sitting there any more, and now it's a man with a dark suit and wearing a hat. (00:01:55)


A Black Day for Mayberry - S4-E7

Plot hole: About 2/3 through the show Barney is locked inside the armored car and Gomer puts about a gallon of gas into the gun port onto Barney's shoes. After Gomer is told of his error, Barney stays inside the truck. The fumes would have killed him, not to mention the risk of explosion.

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A Black Day for Mayberry - S4-E7

Character mistake: When Opie comes in at the beginning of the episode and asks where Andy is, the exchange ends with Barney asking "Something you want to see him about?" and Opie replying "No, I'll wait," which makes no sense in context. It would have made more sense if Barney had asked "Do you want to leave him a message?"

Opie's Group - S8-E9

Andy: Clara, sometimes a parent can't see what he should do, and sometimes it takes a person from the outside to show him. And I'd like to thank you.
Clara: Groovy.

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Convicts-at-Large - S3-E11

Question: Beginning with the "Convicts at Large" episode in season 3, full width window boxes appear at the bottom of both front windows on the inside of the Sheriff's Office. Prior to this episode, they did not exist. Window boxes are often used to display decorative plants but I don't see any plants. And if they were supposed to partially block the background, the blinds were long enough to accomplish that. I find it hard to believe that the producers would spend additional money (for material and labor) for something that seems to serve no purpose. So why were they added?

Answer: Those "boxes" are valences that used to be very common, before air conditioning. They allow for windows to be open during rain storms. They permit air circulation, without letting the rain in.

Answer: I suspect these were common, as to block the wind from blowing the blinds and papers on the desk.

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