The Andy Griffith Show

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New this month Factual error: A town like Mayberry with a mayor and council would have its own police force, not just a sheriff.


Goober Goes to an Auto Show - S8-E22

Factual error: Goober and the Taylors stop and get gas in Raleigh before heading back to Mayberry. As they are waiting, a Coors Brewing Company truck is seen driving past the service station. Coors Beer was not sold east of the Mississippi River until the mid-1980s.


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Factual error: When you walk into the courthouse the first jailhouse to the left has a window. But the courthouse is connected to another establishment on that side. A window would be impossible.

Goober Takes a Car Apart - S5-E17

Factual error: Halfway through the show, Goober takes the motor out of the car and they start it up in the Sheriff's office. If you look at the direction of the fan, it would be blowing the air forward instead of towards the rear of the engine. It would be fighting the air coming through the radiator instead of pulling it.

terry s

The Gypsies - S6-E23

Factual error: The gypsies manage to operate a shortwave radio without an antenna or AC power.


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