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Other mistake: During the closing theme (early seasons), when Fred walks by to close the birdcage, Wilma is shown in the background sleeping and her entire mouth is missing.

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Plot hole: Live 50th anniversary episode, aired December 9th 2010 - When Sally is allowed into the rubble to comfort Molly as the firemen attempt to free her, one of them says they'll get Sally a hard hat. When we see her talking to Molly in the rubble, she has no hard hat on and instead one of the firemen is hilariously holding his hand above her head.


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Continuity mistake: "Rusty Romeos," a 1957 short co-starring Joe Besser, is a remake of "Corny Casanovas," a 1952 short co-starring Shemp Howard. In a scene using stock footage from the earlier film, Moe and Larry are fighting, and a framed photo of Shemp is on a small table next to the couch. In the following scene, using new footage, the photo is of Joe. (00:15:10)

Steven Lee

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Factual error: In "The State Vs. Chip Douglas", Ernie finds his missing 1914-D penny when it falls out of his pocket. A close-up shows an Indian head penny lying on the floor. The problem is that Indian head pennies were not minted after 1909.

Jeff Swanson

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The Greatest - S4-E11

Continuity mistake: In all other episodes of this season, Officer Dan has blonde hair. This one episode, Officer Dan has gray hair and his face looks completely different from other episodes.

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