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4 mistakes in Opie's Piano Lesson

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Opie's Piano Lesson - S7-E26

Visible crew/equipment: When Clara and Opie first sit down at the piano to begin the piano lesson, note there's nothing on the floor behind them. Then that shot cuts to the end of the lesson as the camera pulls back for a wideshot, and now there are two tape marks on the floor near the door in the area where Opie and Aunt Bee will be standing shortly. (00:04:15)

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Opie's Group - S8-E9

Andy: Clara, sometimes a parent can't see what he should do, and sometimes it takes a person from the outside to show him. And I'd like to thank you.
Clara: Groovy.

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Answer: In S3 x E11 Convicts-at-Large, there is a character named Big Maude Tyler, who is the leader of three female escaped convicts. Andy listens to the radio as the news announcer says that Big Maude's aliases include Clarice or Annabelle Tyler and also one amusingly named Ralph Henderson.

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