Trivia: Clark always wears blue and red clothes (or at least one of these colors). No surprise that when he got his Superman costume, he chose those same colors.

Trivia: In the Episode "Flash" when Clark confronts the Flash in his hotel room, he reads off the fake I.D.'s Jay Garrick, Barry Allen and Wally West. Those are the secret identities of the first three men to be called the Flash. Also, this Flash says his name is Bart, like Bart Allen, the teen hero formerly known as Impulse and currently being called "Kid Flash." (00:10:35)

Trivia: Despite many hours of outdoor farm work, Clark never gets a tan or a sunburn. In fact, Tom Welling, who plays Clark, is contractually forbidden from getting a tan, because the show creators were not sure if Kryptonians could tan.

Trivia: Michael Rosenbaum is the only actor to play both an enemy and ally of Superman in two separate TV series at one time. In addition to playing Lex Luthor in "Smallville," he is also the voice of The Flash in the cartoon series "Justice League."

Trivia: Jerry Siegel, the co-creator of the Clark Kent/Superman character worked on a school magazine when he was at Glenville High School, Cleveland. The magazine was called The Torch - the same name of Smallville High's school magazine, edited by Chloe Sullivan and with Clark Kent as an on/off contributor.

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Trivia: It has been stated that Clark mainly wears blue and red which are obviously the colors for Superman, but something that is less obvious is that Clark's parents Jonathon and Martha do the same thing. Martha mainly wears shades of red and Jonathon wears shades of blue.

Trivia: In the episode where Aquaman appears, he says, "We should start a JLA," (Junior Lifeguards Association). This is funny because he and Superman are later on a team Justice League of America.

Trivia: Annette O'Toole who plays Clark Kent's mom also played the role of Lana Lang in the Superman III movie.

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Trivia: In the episode where Clark is lured to the asylum when Lex is with some of his former enemies, Jonathan Taylor Thomas' character taunts Lex while holding a newspaper with a headline starting, "Themysciran princess" and some other words. That is a reference to Wonder Woman, who is from Themyscira.

Trivia: At least two of the episodes in the series, "Shimmer" and "Jinx", are named after DC villains. Although they never fought the Man of Steel himself, both of them have fought Indigo, an android with some of Superman's DNA fused to her.

Trivia: Justin Hartley is the first actor to play a live-action version of the Green Arrow.

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Trivia: Jor-El's voice is provided by Terence Stamp, who played General Zod in "Superman II."

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