The Simpsons

The Bart of War - S14-E21

Corrected entry: When Homer is dumping the treadmill off in the water, he sees Marge and the group of kids and runs off leaving the station wagon behind. In the next scene the station wagon is at home parked in the driveway.

Tobin OReilly

Correction: He could have easily gone back to get the car. There was a significant amount of time between the two scenes.

The Bart of War - S14-E21

Corrected entry: When Nelson thinks that he sees his father, he cries "you came back from the store." This implies that his father walked out on Nelson and his mother. In several previous episodes, Nelson says that his father is in jail.

Correction: He could have been saying that to reinforce his own reputation as a baddie and to impress the other kids so they wouldn't know the sad (and, to him) shameful truth


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