I'm Listening - S11-E6

Continuity mistake: Frasier is hiding behind the kitchen counter when Ronee comes in - followed by Marty. Frasier puts his hands, one holding an apple, up on the counter. In the next shot the apple is on the counter, and his hands are draped over each other - without enough time for natural movement.

Shutout in Seattle (2) - S6-E24

Continuity mistake: When Niles and Kit are at Frasier's apartment, Kit does a quick dance with her arms out and tells them Niles is taking her to Euro Disney. A couple of shots later her little purse is back under her arm, even though she had no time to pick it up from the bookcase.

Hot Pursuit - S7-E18

Continuity mistake: When Frasier and Roz are in the hotel room talking, her champagne glass switches from her right hand to her left hand, from one shot to another, with no time to have happened naturally.

A Lilith Thanksgiving - S4-E7

Continuity mistake: Frederick appears in the kitchen to talk to his parents, who are ignoring him. In one shot he is covered with spots and in the next, he only has about half as many. He is supposed to have hives, which I know can appear and disappear quickly, but these look nothing like hives in the first place.

It's Hard to Say Goodbye If You Won't Leave - S3-E10

Continuity mistake: When Frasier and Kate are in the airport, sitting down and talking, her arms switch back and forth from being folded to unfolded (holding her boarding pass). This happens a couple of times, without time for her to change position.

Murder Most Maris (2) - S11-E8

Continuity mistake: There are several bad cuts between shots when Niles and Frasier are on the balcony. Keep an eye on the height of Niles' sherry glass. The most noticeable occurrence is when Niles mentions "detachment" and the shot changes. He is suddenly holding his glass at least a foot higher in the air.

David Mercier

Goodnight, Seattle (1) - S11-E23

Visible crew/equipment: (This is for the last episode, "Goodnight, Seattle.") When Kenny opens the door to use Frasier's bathroom, you can see a light pass across the wall above the fireplace.

The Maris Counselor - S5-E13

Continuity mistake: When Frasier, Marty, and Niles are having drinks at the end of the show, Frasier says "I think we have a 3-way tie" and we see Marty holding his drink in his left hand - the shot then switches and it's suddenly in his right hand, with no time for a natural change.

Fortysomething - S1-E20

Continuity mistake: Niles is leaving Frasier's with Daphne and as he says "it was a warm and friendly place", his raincoat strap goes from sticking out from his shoulder to lying flat on his chest.

Docu.Drama - S8-E16

Continuity mistake: When Frasier is in the boardroom with Roz and her production team, Frasier is writing in a binder, which is on top of a couple of books. In some shots we see a couple of different books in front of him on the table. One of them is called "Mars," which he had put back in his briefcase at the beginning of the scene.

First Date - S5-E20

Continuity mistake: While they are in the living room, Niles is telling Frasier about Phyllis, and he has his bottle of water in his left hand but as the shot changes and Frasier says "Oh, good lord", the bottle switches to Niles' right hand.

Where Every Bloke Knows Your Name - S5-E10

Continuity mistake: When Daphne is playing darts with Frasier, he says, "I scored again," and we see her sweater sleeve is pushed up her arm. But when she comes back with, "That's not something we hear very often," the sleeve is completely covering her arm. In the next shot, it's pushed up her arm again. There was no time for the adjustment.

Three Valentines - S6-E14

Continuity mistake: Niles gets a pair of scissors to snip off a thread on his pants. He puts them on the ironing board, but after he passes out, they are on the credenza behind the couch. Later, they are back on the ironing board. (00:03:00 - 00:04:05)

Frasier Loves Roz - S3-E22

Continuity mistake: When Roz and Daphne are in the kitchen, the tea cup turns about 45 degrees so we see much more of the flower pattern from the same camera angle. Neither of them touched it.

You Can Never Go Home Again - S3-E24

Continuity mistake: Niles and Frasier are at Marty's old apartment and Niles sits down on the couch. Eddie is sitting next to him, staring. During this scene, the shots of Eddie show him moving from fairly close to Niles, to about 10 inches away, and then back again. He has no time to change position naturally.

The Show Where Diane Comes Back - S3-E14

Continuity mistake: Frasier, Martin, Niles, Daphne, and Diane are having dinner at Frasier's and he gets up to get dessert. Niles offers to help him and puts his table napkin in his chair. As he walks towards the kitchen, though, the napkin is lying next to his plate.

High Crane Drifter - S3-E17

Revealing mistake: Near the end, in Cafe Nervosa, the guy that wants to sue Frasier gives Niles a push. Niles stumbles backwards, knocking over some chairs and the coat rack before falling down, taking the table by the window with him. If you look closely just before he hits the table, the woman sitting there (rather than moving out of the way), very subtly pulls on the table, so as to upend it so Niles can go down with it.

A Passing Fancy - S8-E22

Continuity mistake: Frasier is at the restaurant trying to stop Lana from going to talk to Kirby. She has her purse under her arm but the next shot shows her holding it by its strap.

The Friend - S3-E11

Continuity mistake: In the last scene, at the Cafe, Bob puts a dollar on the table in front of him. A waitress brings a cup and puts it down - the dollar has disappeared. In subsequent shots it reappears.

The Friend - S3-E11

Continuity mistake: Frasier and Bob are in Cafe Nervosa talking. Bob has a book in his hand. In another shot he is moving his hands around, even though there was no time for him to have put the book down.

Frasier: Niles, I would shave my head for you.
Niles: A gesture which becomes less significant with each passing year.

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Trivia: John Mahoney plays Kelsey Grammer's father in the series, even though in real life he's only 15 years older than Grammer.

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