Trivia: The producers were careful not to put stools in Cafe Nervosa, in order to distance it visually from the eponymous bar in "Cheers."

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It Takes Two to Tangle - S8-E17

Trivia: In the opening credits Niles mentions that Daphne had lost 9 lbs. 12 oz at the weight-loss spa. This is a deliberate reference to the birth of Janes Leeves' (Daphne) daughter. According to, she was born in Jan 2001 and weighed 9 lbs. 12 oz.

Head Game - S4-E5

Trivia: At one stage, Niles refers to Frasier's 'Big red clown shoes'. Kelsey Grammer provided the voice for Sideshow Bob in The Simpsons, a clown character who wore such shoes. In fact, in the first episode Kelsey Grammer's voice was used, those shoes were key to the plot.

Trivia: The celebrity callers into the radio show aren't truly uncredited. At the end of each season, the final episode shows pictures of the celebrities that "called in" during the season.

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Goodnight, Seattle (2) - S11-E24

Trivia: In the pilot episode, 'The Good Son', there is a fight brewing between Martin and Frasier because Frasier wants to hear Martin actually say the words, "Thank you" to him, for accepting his father into his apartment to care for him. In the series finale, 'Goodnight, Seattle (pt 2)', when Martin hugs Frasier, Martin says, "Thank you, Frasier," to his good son.

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Trivia: During the show's eleven year run, there have been many celebrities who voiced the callers on Frasier's radio talk show, but are uncredited; most phoned in their lines, instead of recording at the studio. On the DVDs, the list of each season's celebrity phone voices are noted after the season finale. Some celebrities included: Mary Tyler Moore, as Marjorie, who couldn't confront her boss; Christopher Reeve, as Leonard, an agoraphobic who was afraid of wide open spaces; Matthew Broderick, as Mark, who liked to see himself on stores' video cameras; Elijah Wood, as Ethan, who got beaten up at school for being smart, and then insulted Frasier's answer; Ben Stiller, as Barry, who couldn't stop crying long enough to even talk about his problem; Ron Howard, as Stephen, who heard people talking to him through his radio; Carrie Fisher, as Phyllis, who had insomnia (Frasier fell asleep while on air, before he heard her problem) and Frasier advised, "Things will look better in the light of day, my advice is to sleep on it."; real-life husband/wife Phil Donahue and Marlo Thomas, as the married couple Larry and Sophie, who wanted a few of her girlfriends to come over on Super Bowl Sunday, but Larry refused unless Frasier was actually able to answer a football question on air; and many other enjoyable ones.

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Leapin' Lizards - S3-E4

Trivia: When Bulldog calls up Frasier and asks him if he can sing a bit, Frasier stars singing the Gilbert and Sullivan song "Three Little Maids from School" which of course leads to great embarrassment. In the episode "Cape Fear" from The Simpsons, Kelsey Grammar guest stars as Sideshow Bob and also has bad luck with Gilbert and Sullivan music. Bob gets badly injured after the family sings the Three Little Maids song. Later he is asked to sing the score from the HMS Pinafore and it foils his plan.

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Trivia: Kelsey Grammer has been a recurring guest star on the Simpsons for many years as Sideshow Bob, and in the episode "Brother From Another Series", David Hyde Pearce appears as his brother Cecil. The two are later joined by John Mahoney, who plays their father Robert in the episode "Funeral for a Fiend".

Trivia: The series was originally going to feature Niles' wife Maris. But after the first couple of seasons, the writers found they had too much fun writing her as an unseen character, and as the descriptions of her became more outlandish and contradictory, they felt finding the right actress would be too difficult.

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Trivia: The opening of the show actually has multiple scenes. The space needle sometimes has a blinking light or sometimes has radio waves. Sometimes lightning hits it. Sometimes a plane with a KACL banner or a helicopter flies across. Christmas shows have Christmas lights. There are also others.

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Frasier: Niles, I would shave my head for you.
Niles: A gesture which becomes less significant with each passing year.

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Question: Counting his role on Cheers, Kesley Grammar has played Fraiser for twenty years. Is this the record for the longest portrayal of a character by a TV actor?

Answer: It equals the record of James Arness of "Gunsmoke" for the actor who's played the same part on TV NOT in a soap opera. If you include soaps there are two main contenders - William Roache, who's been playing Ken Barlow in "Coronation Street" in the UK since 1960. Don Hastings has been playing Robert Hughes in US soap "As the World Turns" since 1960 as well.

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