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0/10.I hate this show.Just hate it, hate it, hate it. I hate all five characters, every ridiculous plot, hate even most of the minor and guest star characters.The main five characters :1.Frasier: Arrogant, pompous, self righteous blowhard whose main goal it seems besides listening to the sound of his own voice is to bed every woman out there, with barely any thought about their feelings, just biological needs then move on.2. Roz:A middle aged harpy whose main goal is to do the same, sleep with every man out there with no serious commitments.3.Niles:A whiny middle aged adolescent type who mooches off a rich wife while lusting for a dodo brain.4.Daphne:A dimwit with an annoying accent who's there solely as eye candy, no character development at all.5.Martin:Like Crankshaft he's there to annoy the world around him with nobody wanting to respond back for fear of looking like a jerk for yelling at an old man.The plots range from idiotic like Frasier being with Patricia Clarkson's Claire French only to want Jean Smart's trashy Lana Gardner to being full of it like A Lilith Thanksgiving with them brown nosing the dean of an academy to get their son enrolled there.The famous people as radio callers is pointless other than to act smug about how many famous people they know.I also hated the new stereotype they did with Lilith, as if her being pompous and ice cold wasn't enough, hey she's suddenly Jewish.That doesn't help their image out, being portrayed this way by this female version of Frasier.I would say the show had no long lasting legacy but that's not true.Its true legacy is like that of too many sitcoms showing how men are in heat 24/7, would do anything for sex, single motherhood's no big deal, and mainly how, with good lawyers, to keep a crummy show like this on the air for 10 or more seasons.I really hate, hate, hate this awful, stupid, audience insulting show.It didn't need to exist other than to entertain moronic people who could feel smug like Frasier, as they would later on with The Big Bang Theory.


The Two Mrs. Cranes - S4-E1

Revealing mistake: The guy who plays Clive in this episode has one of the most appalling accents I have heard. He's apparently from Manchester, but sounds like a sort of cockney South African. His accent slips around all the time; it's very poor. I wouldn't normally submit it, but his is so shockingly bad I doubt anyone would be fooled into thinking he was British.

David Mercier

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Suggested correction: First, not every single person from one area sounds the same. People can be influenced by a parent/other family members from different areas. I am native to the Southern region of the USA, but one of my parents is Northern. I have been told that I don't sound like a stereotypical Southerner. We don't know anything about Clive's family. Second, I have seen quite a few movies or TV episodes with actors whom I know to be actual British people, and Clive doesn't sound much different than any of them.

I am English and believe me that accent is the worst example of English I have heard in my life.

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Frasier: And though washing one's hands twenty to thirty times a day would be considered obsessive/compulsive, please bear in mind that your husband is a coroner. Thank you for your call, Jeanine. Roz, whom do we have next?

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A Day in May - S8-E23

Question: Beyond the obvious (he hasn't gotten over it or is still upset about it) is there a reason Martin didn't want to say anything at the parole hearing? And what was the point of showing this?

Answer: While he hasn't gotten over it, he also took into account what the shooter's mother said. He refused to make a statement either for or against him. He can't forgive the shooter, but he's gotten past the anger.

Greg Dwyer

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