Whine Club - S7-E17

Continuity mistake: During the scene in Frasier's apartment when he's holding a brunch for Mel, Daphne says "it was implied" and suddenly the pitcher of Bloody Marys in front of her has much more in it that it had in the shot before.

Frasier mistake picture

Martin Does It His Way - S3-E3

Continuity mistake: Just after Daphne moves the urn from the table to the bookcase, the brown files on the table change position between shots.


Flour Child - S2-E4

Continuity mistake: When Frasier and Daphne are copying the names into the new get well card, we see Daphne using a pen with an orange lid. She puts the lid on the pen and sets it down. In the very next shot she is writing with the same pen.


The Doctor Is Out - S11-E3

Continuity mistake: Frasier is at Cafe Nervosa and tears off the edge of a sugar packet which he leaves on the table. Subsequent shots sometimes show the paper there, and sometimes not.

Don't Go Breaking My Heart (3) - S10-E9

Continuity mistake: Niles is at Frasier's apartment, visiting with Marty. He takes some crackers out of his black fanny pack and puts the fanny pack behind him. We see it there when he stands up but there is a shot where there is nothing on the couch behind him. It then goes back to showing the fanny pack.

Frasier mistake picture

And the Whimper is... - S1-E18

Continuity mistake: Early in the show, Frasier is sitting in Cafe Nervosa with Niles and Bebe, drumming on the table with the fingers of his left hand. In the next shot his hand is pulled in, lying on the table in front of him.

The Apparent Trap - S7-E9

Revealing mistake: In the scene where Frasier and Lilith meet in the living room, where Frederick has created a romantic atmosphere, Frasier has a long speech about how Lilith is not going to get him back, ending with "I need to be finessed!" and Bebe Neuwirth goes out of character and begins to giggle, before she quickly covers her mouth and pulls herself together. Though Lilith might have found Frasier's comment amusing, it would definitely not be in character for her to giggle like that.


Rivals - S7-E6

Continuity mistake: Marty is making tea for Regan in the kitchen and as he says "Lord in heaven", the kettle goes from being on the burner in the shot before to being on the counter, even though no one touched it.

The Adventures of Bad Boy and Dirty Girl - S3-E7

Revealing mistake: Frasier comes in complaining how workmen in the service elevator have dribbled chili dog on his foot. He is holding out his shoe saying "How ever will I get that stain out", and Eddie runs over and starts licking what we think is the shoe. Frasier makes a comment about dog saliva being the universal solvent. In fact, Eddie does not even touch the shoe, but licks the floor in front of Frasier. Obviously the floor was treated with something Eddie would enjoy licking up.

Love Bites Dog - S4-E2

Continuity mistake: When Frasier is in the men's room crying to Frasier about Sharon, he has toilet tissue in his hand which sometimes is bunched up and sometimes is hanging about 10 inches down, even though he never changes it.

Radio Wars - S7-E3

Continuity mistake: Frasier is sitting at his table composing a letter to Carlos and the Chicken, while talking to Niles about it. The two large reference books on the table in front of them change positions during the scene, without them touching the books.

Legal Tender Love and Care - S8-E6

Continuity mistake: Abbie and the gang are in the restaurant for dinner. Frasier has his elbow on the table over his menu and Abbie says, "In front of your father," and the camera angle now shows Frasier holding the menu. After Abbie responds to Marty's lawyer joke, Frasier's hand is back down on top of the menu.

Legal Tender Love and Care - S8-E6

Continuity mistake: When Abbie arrives at Frasier's apartment, she puts her purse on the coffee table; the strap is hanging between the couch and the table. When Frasier offers to walk her to the elevator, she goes to get her purse and it has flipped over with the strap fully visible - even though no one went near it.

Legal Tender Love and Care - S8-E6

Other mistake: Frasier comes into Abbie's office holding his overcoat - a couple of shots later it is draped over a chair even though Frasier didn't have time to put it there and get back to where he stood throughout the scene.

Ham Radio - S4-E18

Continuity mistake: The gang is reading through the script and Roz cues Bulldog and as she does we can see Gil has his script opened up on his knee. As the shot goes to Bulldog, Gil's script is now folded over and his pencil is in his right hand. He wouldn't have had time to change position.

Burying a Grudge - S2-E10

Continuity mistake: When Frasier and Martin are leaving Artie's hospital room, Frasier has the door about one-third open. Just before they leave, though, as Frasier says "next time he'll stay longer", the door is open much wider. Nobody opened it wider during that time. (00:08:50)

Shutout in Seattle (1) - S6-E23

Continuity mistake: Donny is sitting on Frasier's couch eating Chinese food. One of the containers, with chopsticks in it, is sitting on the table, near the center. In the next shot the chopsticks have disappeared and the container has moved towards the end of the table. (00:12:05)

Dinner Party - S6-E17

Continuity mistake: The nutcracker in the bowl next to Frasier's elbow changes position several times while they are trying to convince Marty to change the date of his poker game. (00:11:00)

Beware of Greeks - S5-E16

Continuity mistake: Quite late in the show, Nikos and Frasier are sitting down talking. Behind Nikos someone picks up a glass of wine which is next to a bottle. The next shot shows a plate there as well, even though no one put one down. It disappears a couple of shots later - again, no one went near it.

Semi-Decent Proposal - S8-E21

Continuity mistake: Roz and Frasier are at Cafe Nervosa and she is telling him about her dream of dancing with Bruce Springsteen. At one point, her hand is on top of her coffee mug and then she lays it on the table; the next shot shows her hand on the cup again, with no time to move it naturally.

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