Frasier (1993)

3 mistakes in Halloween (1)

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Halloween (1) - S5-E3

Continuity mistake: Daphne is standing in the center of the room during the party, at the buffet, talking to Frasier. In one shot her hands are moving toward the serving dishes but in the next, she is rubbing her hands together.

Halloween (1) - S5-E3

Continuity mistake: While talking to Niles at the party, Daphne's eyes are tearing because of an allergy. In one shot we see her put a tissue to her right eye, but the next shot shows her dabbing it to her left eye.

Halloween (1) - S5-E3

Revealing mistake: At the end of the episode when Frasier reveals to everyone that Roz is the one who's pregnant, we see Peri Gilpin step into the shot at the top of the stairs too early. She steps back behind the wall and then walks back out again a second later to say her line.

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