Red Dwarf

Entangled - S10-E4

Revealing mistake: When they change Professor Edgington from ape form to human form, the human form is obviously a lifeless mannequin.


Casual Person

Trojan - S10-E1

Continuity mistake: When Howard and Crawford are transported to Trojan, two of the three teleporter doors are open. When Crawford goes through the teleporter, one of the three doors close. Yet when Cat puts the resentment file into Crawford's neck, she starts shooting at everything including the teleporters, and now all the doors are open.

00:23:00 - 00:26:30

Casual Person

Fathers & Suns - S10-E2

Character mistake: Rimmer asks Kryten to make the new computer blonde. When the computer launches, the computer's hair is brunette.

00:07:30 - 00:08:45

Casual Person

Psirens - S6-E1

Revealing mistake: As Lister tries to sharpen/shorten his nails after getting out of deep sleep, you will see just before he stops that one nail snaps at the finger. He continues as if nothing happens, holding his hand still, as if it was still in the sharpener.



Future Echoes - S1-E2

Other mistake: When Rimmer is doing Lister's memo, there are no stars visible outside the window. Then a star suddenly appears out of nowhere.


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Future Echoes - S1-E2

Other mistake: When the Cat says there better be no dogs on the ship, there are no stars visible out the window.


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