Red Dwarf
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Suggested correction: Ace is a hologram. Even though he is hard light, he cannot be harmed. Which is why he was able to jump on the grenade and not be harmed. So the gas spray wouldn't have harmed him either.

Tikka To Ride - S7-E1

Plot hole: In the last series, a point was made that the time drive is not a teleporter, so can only send them backward and forward in time in the one location (Deep Space). So in this episode, how can they now travel to Earth with the same device?

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Backwards - S3-E1

Revealing mistake: At The End of the episode, the shot with the taxi has been reversed to show the number plate backwards. It has also changed everything else in the shot, most notably, the cat's outfit. In the next scene they have been flipped back to normal. (00:25:35)


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Pete (2) - S8-E7

Continuity mistake: When Lister uses the time wand to bring back Birdman's boots, his locks are in front of his left shoulder. In the next shot they are behind his back, then they appear again in front of his left shoulder in the following shot. (00:22:55)


Back in the Red (1) - S8-E1

Continuity mistake: When Lister is lying on the top bunk talking to Rimmer about the 83 year old dad, he says "he'd probably pretend to be dead" as he puts is left hand on the side of his face. The camera cuts to Rimmer then back to Lister again, as he puts his left hand on the side of his face again. (00:01:55)


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Suggested correction: If you look at 00:13:47, you'll see that the closest tree has an odd poster. The other trees have the poster that they showed to the man that gives them a lift.

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Trivia: The actor who plays the original Kryten, in 'Kryten', also turns up later as the voice of Talkie Toaster.

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Kryten - S2-E1

Question: When Holly is saying about how he has changed music he says that because of the 2 new notes he's made instruments would be bigger. "Triangles will have four sides. Piano keyboards the length of zebra crossings. Course, women will have to be banned from playing the cello." I don't understand the joke about the cello part. Could someone please tell me what he means?

Answer: The cello is a large four-stringed instrument, which, when it is played, stands vertically on the floor between the player's legs (assuming they are seated). If it is to grow as large as the other instuments mentioned will, it would require a rather unseemly lack of femininity to be able to encompass it with the legs.

Rooster of Doom

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