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Corrected entry: While hosting the black awareness rally, when Mr. Mcdowell's daughter Lisa is about to give a speech, Mr Mcdowell exclaims, "Be sure to put in a plug about the newsalad bar." There are numerous interior restaurant scenes, but there is no sign of any salad bar anywhere.

Correction: Perhaps the salad bar is "coming soon" and he wants Lisa to say something to that effect.

Damian Torres

Corrected entry: Ira Parks, aspiring AG of the State of California, worries about the antics of his wife's ex-husband. He should be worrying about code violations in the construction of his lovely home, like inadequate headers over the windows in his garage.

Correction: This is an opinion of a character choice and not a movie mistake.

Damian Torres

12th Jan 2008

Splash (1984)

Corrected entry: When Allen comes back to his apartment, he opens the door with a key. We know that Madison left for shopping before. She doesn't know almost anything about life so it's not possible that when leaving she used the key to lock the door. She would leave it unlocked. (00:40:00)

Correction: There are doorknobs that can be opened on the inside but be locked on the outside.

Damian Torres

4th Jun 2007

Alpha Dog (2006)

Corrected entry: Sharon Stone is seen giving a news interview describing what her son was last seen wearing before he went missing. She describes him as wearing pants and a shirt. However, the last time that she saw him they were in an argument in the living room and he was in his underwear. He then ran upstairs, put his clothes on, climbed out the window and she never saw what he was wearing.

Correction: Most mothers that I have met know EXACTLY how many and what kind of clothes their children wear. She could easily determine what was missing and describe it.

Damian Torres

6th Sep 2007

Heroes (2006)

In His Own Image - S1-E1

Corrected entry: When Claire rescues the man in the fire, how come her hair doesn't burn up? While her body is able to regenerate, her hair wouldn't be able to, as it is dead tissue. If her hair was self healing she would never be able to get a hair cut.

Correction: Since it's not known just EXACTLY how Claire's power works it could be something like her body (including her hair) regenerates back to the point PRIOR to sustaining any damage.

Damian Torres

Correction: Also, it could be that her hair simply didn't catch on fire. The man she rescued, his hair didn't burn up either.

26th Aug 2007

The X-Files (1993)

Space - S1-E9

Corrected entry: When they find Belt on the floor Mulder calls for a doctor. Scully, a medical doctor, is standing right next to him.

Correction: Mulder and Scully are FBI partners in the middle of an investigation. He can't wait around while his partner tends to Belt so he obviously needs a doctor OTHER than Scully.

Damian Torres

1st Sep 2007

Blade Runner (1982)

Corrected entry: In the scene where Deckard and Batty are hunting each other down at Sebastian's residence Batty calls Deckard by his name after asking "are you the good man". There is no point previous in the movie where Roy would have been given the police man's name.

Correction: Deckard has a reputation of being the best Blade Runner there is. Not hard to imagine Batty and his gang hearing about him from somebody and correctly assuming at the end of the movie that he is the man hunting them down.

Damian Torres

Corrected entry: Snake is supposed to bring the president back in the glider, but where would he sit? The cockpit was barely big enough for Snake to climb in alone.

Correction: Since all we see are close up shots of Snake in the glider, there could have been enough room behind him for another passenger.

Damian Torres

15th Jun 2007

Halloween II (1981)

Corrected entry: In the trailer to Halloween II, the man coming out of his house asking Loomis what was going on (right after Michael had been shot) and stating that "He had been trick or treated to death tonight" was a British man probably in his 60's. In the actual movie, however, that man was now a completely different guy who was probably in his 30's or 40's, with an American accent.

Correction: Differences between the trailer and the actual movie are not valid movie mistakes.

Damian Torres

13th May 2007

Star Wars (1977)

Corrected entry: Special Edition mistake. For the SE release George Lucas added a deleted scene with Jaba the Hut and some bounty hunters looking for Han Solo and Chewbacca at the Millennium Falcon. Since Boba Fet had become such a popular character, he added him in too. The problem is the in the Star Wars Holiday Special (which aired November of 1978) Chewbacca meets Boba Fet for the first time with Luke Skywalker. Now it is true that George Lucas said that if he had the time and a sledge hammer he would smash ever copy of the Holiday Special, BUT it is still a part of the Star Wars Universe, and therefore still canonical.

Correction: Since only the movies are canon and The Holiday special aired on TV, any discrepancies are invalid.

Damian Torres

Corrected entry: When Miller, and Ryan are in the ditch, Ryan states he's out of ammo, but in the next scene, he fires off another round.

Correction: Ryan is not including the rounds already in the gun. Basically telling Miller, "This is it!"

Damian Torres

12th May 2004

A Perfect World (1993)

Corrected entry: Sally depicts Butch as highly intelligent. However, that he leaves his dangerous companion Terry in the custody of a shaky 8-year old with an empty gun gives the spectator some uneasy moments but doesn't make sense at all. Since eventually he wanted to part ways with Terry anyway, he could have done his shopping with Phillip, the gun, and the car keys and leave Terry by himself. (00:22:25)


Correction: This is a character choice and not a movie mistake.

Damian Torres

30th Nov 2006

WarGames (1983)

Corrected entry: As David and Jennifer sneak up the stairs to his room while his unaware dad is watching the news in the next room, listen carefully to the news anchor. The newsman says, "There has been an explosion in a prophylactic recycling plant." Obviously nobody recycles condoms, so this is probably an adlibbed joke by the fake news voice talent that stayed in the final cut.

Correction: Prophylactics are also rubber gloves, NOT exclusively condoms. There can be rubber glove recycling plants.

Damian Torres

23rd Nov 2006

Halloween II (1981)

Corrected entry: Right as Laurie is being wheeled in an emergency room and the nurses and staff are preparing her, one of the nurses asks where Dr. Mixter is, and another one replies that he "is" ("is as in at the present) at the same party her folks were at, and that he was real drunk. However, a few seconds later, Dr. Mixter walks in and asks someone to get him some coffee.

Correction: Don't see the mistake. The Doctor was at the party to the nurses knowledge. The Doctor then leaves the party and happens to arrive at the hospital at that particular moment. He's asking for coffee because he had been drinking.

Damian Torres

11th Oct 2003

Point Break (1991)

Corrected entry: In the scene where Keanu Reeves and Lori Petty spend the night together after his first night time surf, everybody arrives at the beach in their wetsuits only, but then they wake up with their clothes next to them.

Correction: It's possible that everybody brought along a change of clothes in their respective vehicles. Not a mistake.

Damian Torres

Corrected entry: During the famous opening vibrator scene, we see everyone in the room splattered by cake frosting (from the vibrator landing in the cake). But when they show the cake afterwards, it's clear that large volume of frosting splattered over everyone is many times more than the frosting displaced from the actual cake.

Correction: It is not uncommon in spoofs to intentionally overexaggerate things. Not really a mistake.

Damian Torres

30th May 2006

Major League (1989)

Corrected entry: Throughout the entire movie, it seems that Ricky Vaughn is both used in the starting role, and also as a closer in the bottom innings. Though not impossible, this situation is very unlikely in the major leagues.

Correction: Vaughn is a starting pitcher. He has quite a few complete games which explains his appearances in late innings. In the last game,(which was a one game tie breaker) he is used in a 'closer' status. This is not uncommon for big league teams, to use their best pitchers as closers in important games.

Damian Torres

27th Aug 2001

Rain Man (1988)

Corrected entry: When Charlie and Raymond sit at the 21 table in Vegas for what must be hours to amass a fortune of $86 thousand, the dealer is always the same. Casinos rotate dealers between tables far too frequently for this to happen. (01:28:15)

Correction: It would not take very long at all to amass $86K. If they started with say $1000, each subsequent bet would be doubled (called "letting it ride"). With a card counting genius, this could be done in less than an hour, which is the usual duration for a blackjack dealer to stay at one table.

Damian Torres

14th Oct 2005

Philadelphia (1993)

Corrected entry: Andrew Beckett was fired because he allegedly almost caused his firm to miss a filing deadline. We are shown the clock at 3:45 p.m., supposedly "75 minutes before the deadline," and are told how the complaint was "found" just in the nick of time and filed (i.e., just before 5:00 p.m.).The US District Court (the Federal Court) in Philadelphia (and anywhere else) is always open for business, and has an "after hours box" where attorneys can file pleadings anytime of the day or night. The pleadings are then time-stamped and considered "filed" on that date, as long as the pleading was filed before midnight.

Correction: The law firms point was to show that Andrew was incompetant in the performance of his job. Andrew had supposedly "lost" an important file and they had to unnecessarily scramble around to find it. The so called "deadline" was probably used for dramatic effect in the courtroom to further stress the importance of the file that Andrew "lost".

Damian Torres

Corrected entry: When Peter is shooting the scene for "Being There," when his friend leaves, there is a pause and Peter says "Bye Louise." The director then says "Cut and Print." Later when Peter is watching it on video, there is no pause between when she leaves and he says "Bye Louise."

Correction: Perhaps the pause was taken out in the editing room for the final cut of the film?

Damian Torres

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