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Corrected entry: In the scene where Deckard and Batty are hunting each other down at Sebastian's residence Batty calls Deckard by his name after asking "are you the good man". There is no point previous in the movie where Roy would have been given the police man's name.

Correction: Deckard has a reputation of being the best Blade Runner there is. Not hard to imagine Batty and his gang hearing about him from somebody and correctly assuming at the end of the movie that he is the man hunting them down.

Damian Torres

Corrected entry: When Deckard is scanning the picture, he sees a woman with a snake tattoed on her left cheek; then he makes a hardcopy of the picture. A few scenes later , supposedly, he finds that woman (the snake woman) but you see she has no tattoo at all on her face. After she takes a shower and dries her hair, the tattoo is in place again. (00:46:00 - 00:53:05)

Correction: That's not a film mistake - it's an important plot point! She has covered the tattoo with makeup so nobody will recognise her when she is on stage. She realises Deckard is a Blade Runner when the makeup is washed off in the shower and he sees the tattoo.

Corrected entry: When Deckard hassles Hassan the snake dealer for information, he asks who bought the snake of the scale he was presenting. Hassan tells him it was Daffy Lewis in the 1st sector. When Deckard is at Daffy's bar and calls Rachel, he tells her that he is at Daffy Lewis' place down in the 4th sector.

Correction: Both times it is Taffey Lewis' in the 4th sector.


Corrected entry: File footage descriptions provided to police on escaped replicates Zora (snake lady) and Pris are reversed. Zora was an inefficient killer and Pris was. Also, a basic pleasure model (Zora, not Pris) would take a job as a sexual entertainer.

Correction: There is no mistake there. Zhora was smart enough to try and strangle Deckard with his tie, so as not to leave any physical evidence before dumping the body. Anyone could have strangled him, no one would suspect an exotic dancer/replicant. And Pris "A Basic Pleasure Model" was quite obvioulsy dressed as a prostitue and her idea of attacking Deckard is to do a cartwheel and gymnastic display.

Yep. To add, the only reason Zhora doesn't succeed in killing Deckard is because other people walk into the room. She is much more efficient in her attack than Pris. She's also very serious and cynical while Pris plays innocent and flirty. Zhora is also more of a Vegas showgirl or burlesque dancer which is quite a different job and skill set from being a prostitute, which to me is what "pleasure model" implies.


Corrected entry: When Deckard is waiting for his noodles and reading the paper at the beginning it is only 'raining' around him, not elsewhere on the set. (00:08:25)

Correction: There is rain all over the set, as shown in several shots. And it's actually not raining on him directly as he's sitting under something.

Quantom X

Corrected entry: The scene about the snake scale; snakes don't have scales - they have skin.

Correction: A snake's skin is made of scales.


Corrected entry: When Rachel is playing the piano, the shade of her lipstick changes when she lets her hair down and again in subsequent shots. It goes from bright red to almost none at all when she kisses Deckard. (01:08:00 - 01:09:00)

Correction: It's not in the same timeframe. Deckard fell asleep exhausted. He wakes up at this point rested and ready for a kiss, saying he dreamt of music, the music she was playing. And she is wearing different clothing, her shirt at least. Time has passed and she has dressed down, obviously that would include removing lipstick and make up. She is letting her hair down even.

Quantom X

Corrected entry: When Deckard has killed Pris, her left leg has the knee upwards. A few shots later when Roy arrives and approaches beside Pris her left knee is down and her leg is completely resting on the floor. Also the left arm over her head has changed its position.

Correction: It is entirely possible (and likely, given that she is a replicant) that Pris wasn't completely dead after being shot. She may have moved after Deckard left.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the female replicant is shot and goes through the windows her shoes change from high heels to flat from shot to shot.

Correction: Her shoes are always flat in every shot.


Corrected entry: When Sean Young is sitting at the piano, she's just come in from the rain and she is drippy. Cut to Harrison Ford, on the couch, I think, then cut back to her and she's dry.

Correction: When Young sits at the piano she and Ford have been talking for some time, with the implication that there has been some elapsed time, and she has removed the thick coat she was wearing in the rain that would still be wet. She's not shown dripping at all in the entire scene, just crying briefly.

Corrected entry: When Harrison Ford shoots the snake women, as she is crashing throught the glass windows you can see the blood pouches strapped to the stunt woman's chest.

Correction: What you are seeing is the blood smearing against the clear plastic coat she put on earlier.

Corrected entry: Replicants are shown to be able to tolerate without discomfort freezing cold that is fatal to humans, and can push their heads through brick walls, a trick that would crush a human skull. Deckard hits Batty with a steel pole in the belly and he hardly even flinches. These replicants are supermen. Why do they need the Voigt-Kampf test to detect a creature that, at a minimum, has a tungsten steel skull and super-efficient thermal insulation for skin? Any kind of x-ray or tissue sample would give them away.

Correction: This is something you think should be done differently, not a film mistake. Perhaps the Tyrell Corporation have developed a metal skeleton that mimics bone on x-ray and 'super-skin' that can't be distinguished from the real thing? Perhaps Batty and Leon are part of a batch of super-replicants, far superior to all others in their physical attributes? An x-ray might detect them but what about the thousands of replicants who aren't 'supermen'? That's what the Voigt-Kampf test is for - to detect all replicants, regardless of the sophistication of their design.

Corrected entry: When we see Baty for the first time as he looks up and over to the left, you can see the finger of a crew member tapping on his coat.

Correction: This is actually a cut from when Batty is talking to Tyrell in his room. Look closley you see the white drapes in the room, and notice the gold flicker of the fire. That is not a crew memeber.

Corrected entry: Deckard buys a bottle of booze and then runs into Leon in the street. In this scene the bottle is nowhere to be seen. Later, after the fight, he has it again. Where did it go? This happens becasue this fight scene originally came before the previous fight with the dancer and the scene where he buys the drink. That is why Deckard has the marks on his face from the Leon fight before the fight takes place.

Correction: Although this is actually mentioned in Future Noir, the fact that the scenes were recut in time doesn't actually support the "mistake". The fact is, you don't ever see Deckard's left hand in this scene, so he could easily be holding the bottle. And to cap it all, Bryant nods down at Deckard's left hand and says "Drink one for me pal." So, this "mistake" is just plain wrong.

Corrected entry: At the end of the film, Batty dies of "old age" (the replicants have a four year life span). But if you check the profiles shown to Deckard at the beginning, Batty is a 2017 (or was it 2016?) model. If this takes place in 2019, then why is Batty dying now?

Correction: This is answered by what Tyrell says to Batty when they meet. "A candle that burns twice as bright burns half as long, and you have burned very brightly..." Batty's job as a commando may well cause him to burn out faster. In any case, if he was born early in 2016 and this is late 2019, it is close to 4 years.

Corrected entry: When Deckard is thrown into the windscreen of the parked vehicle by the replicant, in slow motion the windscreen is already smashed and dented.

Correction: According to writers, it's a derelict vehicle, and it's windscreen was already smashed.

Corrected entry: When Batty is in the phone booth shaking his hand, the nail stuck in his hand at the end of the movie is seen as he turns his hand. Also, someone's hand is visible on his right sholder.

Correction: This is not a mistake, but rather an artistic choice. Both of these short images repeat later in the film (Tyrell's apt and the final fight.) Scott was trying to portray some sort of android premonition or something.

They went so far as to alter these shots in the Final Cut to remove the thumb on Roy's shoulder and have the backgrounds better blend in with the phone booth. It really doesn't seem like these shots were ever meant to be a flash forward at all.


Corrected entry: When Roy kisses the dead Pris, her tongue is sticking out. When his mouth moves away from hers, her tongue has disappeared.

Correction: Exactly, he has just kissed her pushing her tongue back in her mouth.

He did not kiss her on the mouth, or any way that would have 'pushed' her tongue back in. He kissed her on the cheek, near the mouth.

Correction: Sebastian's toys had the run of the place. Why couldn't it have been one of them?

It looks like one of them is holding a camera.


Corrected entry: According to the timeline of the film, Batty and his replicant associates escape from off-world, then come to Earth. After they try to break into Tyrell Corp. and fail, the police decide to VK new employees at Tyrell to see if the replicants are trying to infiltrate that way (which they are, via Leon). This doesn't make any sense - the Tyrell corporation MADE Leon. The second he walked in the door to apply for a job, he'd be recognised. Even if he wasn't, once the Tyrell Corp. knows it has a problem, they could just compare photos of all the new employees to their file footage of Leon (which Bryant shows to Deckard in the beginning). (00:14:10)


Correction: He wouldn't necessarily be recognised at once: it is exceedingly unlikely that the entire corporation knows the faces of every replicant they ever made. As for checking photographs, in the novelisation it is actually mentioned that it is possible to change their faces, so they would have had to VK everyone anyway.

Audio problem: Deckard investigates the maker of artificial reptiles; an Abdul somebody. It's obvious that the dialogue was added as neither actor is in sync with the sound. The end of the scene has the storekeeper's voice telling Deckard the information he was seeking while Deckard's mouth is the one moving. Deckard's mouth continues to move even after Abdul's lines are finished and the scene cuts. This has been corrected in the 2007 Final Cut of the film, but exists in all previous versions. (00:48:45)

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Deckard: I don't know why he saved my life. Maybe in those last moments he loved life more than he ever had before. Not just his life, anybody's life, my life. All he'd wanted were the same answers the rest of us want. Where did I come from? Where am I going? How long have I got? All I could do was sit there and watch him die.

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Trivia: In the scene where Ford and the other policeman take off in a police car, there is a shot of the inside of the car showing a computer screen with a flashing word "purge" on it. The screen was originally used in "Alien" when Ripley set off the shuttle to escape from Nostromo. (00:10:30)

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Question: When Roy confronts Tyrell, he says something that I'm having difficulty figuring out. The captions read that he is saying "I want more life... father!" But to me, and I've listened to that part over and over trying to figure it out, it sounds like he is saying "I want more life... fucker!" So is he saying Father, or Fucker?

Quantom X

Chosen answer: It's a more complicated question than you might think. Two versions of the scene were filmed, the main one, where Roy says "fucker" and an alternate, originally intended for use on television, where he says "father." Different versions of the movie use different takes. Of the three best known variants, the original theatrical release and the inaccurately-named Director's Cut both use the "fucker" line, whereas the Final Cut, the only one that Ridley Scott had full control over, uses the "father" line. What he's saying will depend on which version of the movie you were watching. Only you can answer that one.


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