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A Perfect World (1993)

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Corrected entry: In the very last scene when Butch is lying dead, his outstretched right arm is holding something (don't know what since I only caught the end of the movie)and Philip walks back to him and pulls it out of his hand. A couple of "pans of the camera" later and Butch's right arm and hand is under his head. How did he do that if he is dead?

Correction: He didn't die immediately. It took him a long time to die from his wounds, and he passed in and out of consciousness before death.

Corrected entry: Sally depicts Butch as highly intelligent. However, that he leaves his dangerous companion Terry in the custody of a shaky 8-year old with an empty gun gives the spectator some uneasy moments but doesn't make sense at all. Since eventually he wanted to part ways with Terry anyway, he could have done his shopping with Phillip, the gun, and the car keys and leave Terry by himself.



Correction: This is a character choice and not a movie mistake.

Damian Torres
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