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Corrected entry: After Dr. Loomis, Marion, and the police officer enter the hospital, Laurie screams for help and climbs to her feet. She turns, and sees Michael Myers standing a few hundred feet away, next to a red light. Why is he so far away from her outside? He could've just gone out the doors that Laurie went through, which would've been much easier and logical.

Correction: He's an insane serial killer. No reason he wouldn't do something illogical.

Corrected entry: In the trailer to Halloween II, the man coming out of his house asking Loomis what was going on (right after Michael had been shot) and stating that "He had been trick or treated to death tonight" was a British man probably in his 60's. In the actual movie, however, that man was now a completely different guy who was probably in his 30's or 40's, with an American accent.

Correction: Differences between the trailer and the actual movie are not valid movie mistakes.

Damian Torres

Corrected entry: Right as Laurie is being wheeled in an emergency room and the nurses and staff are preparing her, one of the nurses asks where Dr. Mixter is, and another one replies that he "is" ("is as in at the present) at the same party her folks were at, and that he was real drunk. However, a few seconds later, Dr. Mixter walks in and asks someone to get him some coffee.

Correction: Don't see the mistake. The Doctor was at the party to the nurses knowledge. The Doctor then leaves the party and happens to arrive at the hospital at that particular moment. He's asking for coffee because he had been drinking.

Damian Torres

Corrected entry: In the elementary school, Dr. Loomis spots Nurse Chambers and exclaims, "Oh, I hardly recognized you!" Although Nurse Chambers is wearing more make-up and is not dressed in a nurse's uniform, certainly Loomis would easily "recognize" a person with whom he shared an intimate, life-imperiling experience the night before, when Michael Myers stole their station wagon and fled the sanitarium. "Hardly recognizing" Nurse Chambers would have been a more appropriate response if the actual three year span between Halloween and Halloween II had occurred rather than the one night that was supposed to have elapsed between sequels.


Correction: In this scene Loomis says "I didn't recognize you" as opposed to "I hardly recognized you." Nurse Marion's appearance with regards to uniform, hair and makeup is significantly different than in the night before (in Halloween). On top of this, Loomis has been pretty preoccupied in the 24 hours since Michael's escape and probably has barely slept. Finally, Loomis's failure to recognize nurse Marion only lasts but a few seconds (and she also never re-introduces herself). So, yes he does recognize her and the fact that it takes him a few seconds to do so is completely explainable due to the changes in her appearance and all that Loomis had been through prior to meeting her again.

Corrected entry: In the climactic scene in the operating room, Laurie says "Michael, stop!" before shooting him, but her mouth doesn't seem to move.

Correction: Her lips move, it's just that it is a side angle, so it may not be totally visible.

Corrected entry: The security guard is sent to find the reason the phones do not work in the hospital. A couple of scenes later, you see a nurse chatting on a hospital phone.

Correction: This is not really true, as the only time this occurs in the order of which you speak is during the "made-for-television" Halloween II, which is the actual Halloween II, but many scenes and events are out of sequence, others are fused together (which never were in in the original theatre format) to make the film shorter, and certain scenes (such as the telephone scene you speak of) only appear on the made-for-television Halloween II.

Corrected entry: In the end credits of the film, it says NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD is copyright 1978, when in fact, the movie was made in 1968. It can't be the copyright for Halloween 2 itself, as that was made in 1981.

Correction: The copyright is 1978. Copyrights are renewed, so although the film was made in 1968, it can be copyrighted in 1978.

Correction: Night of the Living Dead (1968) has a very complicated history with regard to its legal copyright status. For the longest time the film was in the public domain.

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Corrected entry: After Michael is shot, he gets up and goes into the people's house to get their knife. But if you notice the street before he goes in, it's completely quiet, but when he comes out it is crowded with people.

Correction: That's because the neighborhood is beginning to react to all the increased police presence caused by Michael's actions.

Corrected entry: When Michael stabs Loomis with the scalpel, Loomis drops his gun, yet when the camera changes we see Loomis fall back with the gun still in his hands.

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Correction: He doesn't drop the gun. He just puts his arms down to his sides.


Corrected entry: During the scene where Jimmy finds Mrs. Alves dead on the stretcher in the MAJOR SURGERY room, there is a large light on in the room. A few minutes before Michael dies at the end of the film, camera shots are seen panning throughout the hospital and hallways, one of which is the MAJOR SURGERY room. This time, the light is off. We do know Jimmy made his way out to the parking lot to get help after he slipped on Mrs. Alves' blood in that room, but it's hard to imagine in his painful and disoriented state that he would stop and take time to turn off the lights in that room given the circumstances, especially since they weren't on a convenient wall switch anyhow.

Correction: If you notice, throughout virtually the entire second half of the film (and especially as Michael, Laurie, and Dr. Loomis's climactic scene ensues), all of the lights in the hospital are off. At one point, we see Michael walking out of one of the many hospital rooms soon after the lights go out, possibly indicating that he had tampered with the electrical wiring, much as we know he did with the phone lines inside the hospital as well as all of the car tires in the parking lot. Michael cutting off the power, then, results in no one room in that hospital having working lights at the time of the panoramic view that we see at the end of the movie.

Correction: This is correct - a scene was shot where Michael Myers cuts the power to the hospital. The scene was cut from the theatrical release, but added back to the television broadcast edit of Halloween II. To be fair, cutting the scene from the theatrical edit does create a good deal of confusion as to why the power in the hospital is suddenly lost with no explanation.

Corrected entry: When Laurie is put in the ambulance, her feet are uncovered. When she arrives at the hospital, her feet are covered up.

Correction: We only see a few seconds of the ambulance ride. Laurie's feet could have been covered at any point during the trip to the hospital.

Exactly. It only takes a couple of seconds for Laurie to say that her feet might have been cold and an attendant would have covered them up for her before they got to the hospital.


Corrected entry: In the original, after Dr. Loomis looks over the balcony to see Michael gone, he has a look on his face as if he knew something like this wasn't a big surprise (Michael surviving gunshots). But in the second film, not only is he in utter shock at Michael surviving, he repeats over and over in amazement during the film of how "he shot him six times without hurting him".

Correction: In the first film, Dr. Loomis's jaw does drop after he sees that Michael has walked away. And the scene in the second film takes place immediately after the first one; it's not unreasonable that it might have taken a minute or so for what happened to fully sink in.

Corrected entry: Other than a patient that Jill responds to, no other patients or even visitors are ever seen or heard throughout the large hospital, despite the fact that the maternity ward has several newborn babies.

Correction: It's the middle of the night. There wouldn't be visitors around. And if you stretch your imagination, you can assume that the other patients are asleep (or there's very few of them present).

Continuity mistake: When Michael enters the Elrods' home and steals the knife, as he picks up the knife from where Mrs. Elrod had left it, there are several drops of blood that fall onto the lunchmeat, presumably from Michael's injuries from having been shot. A few seconds later when Mrs. Elrod walks back over to the lunchmeat and reaches for the knife and sees the blood, the droplet patterns are different.

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Mrs. Alves: Men! Can't live with them, can't live without them.

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Trivia: Director Rick Rosenthal wanted to maintain the tactful and tasteful, slow-burn nature of the original film, and his original director's cut lacked blatant gore and nudity. However, writer/producer John Carpenter felt horror fans would not accept a film without extreme content due to the rise of various extremely graphic slasher-films in the wake of the original film. Thus, Carpenter went back and ghost-directed several new scenes to add in extra nudity and violence into the movie. (And if you watch the movie very closely, these reshoots can be pretty obvious, as they don't quite fit in with the rest of the film).

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Question: How can Michael recognize Laurie as his younger sister since he wouldn't have seen her since she was only two years old?

Answer: There is a scene where Laurie dreams about meeting Michael as a young teen. It's unknown whether this is an actual memory of real events, but since nothing indicates otherwise, we could assume the he saw her at an older age when she looked closer to her 17-year-old self.

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