Halloween II

Trivia: Jimmy didn't die even though it never shows him after he faints on the steering wheel in the car with Lori. He simply passed out. The television cut shows him alive in the ambulance at the end, but for some reason in the theatrical version, they left it out for us to 'wonder'.

Trivia: Director Rick Rosenthal wanted to maintain the tactful and tasteful, slow-burn nature of the original film, and his original director's cut lacked blatant gore and nudity. However, writer/producer John Carpenter felt horror fans would not accept a film without extreme content due to the rise of various extremely graphic slasher-films in the wake of the original film. Thus, Carpenter went back and ghost-directed several new scenes to add in extra nudity and violence into the movie. (And if you watch the movie very closely, these reshoots can be pretty obvious, as they don't quite fit in with the rest of the film).

Trivia: A grim detail many don't pick up on... the man who is hit by the police car and burned to death is given the name "Ben Tramer." In the original "Halloween", lead character Laurie Strode very briefly mentions having a crush on a fellow student named "Ben Tramer." Not only is Michael Myers responsible for killing her friends, but his return also indirectly causes the death of her High School crush.

Trivia: John Carpenter originally wasn't keen to do a direct sequel to the first film. But he eventually relented and co-wrote this follow-up.

Trivia: Early in production, John Carpenter and Debra Hill wanted to set the film several years after the original, and have the movie almost entirely take place inside of a high-rise apartment building that Michael would infiltrate in order to finally track down and kill Laurie Strode. It was eventually retooled to take place in the hospital only hours after the events of the original.

Trivia: Originally intended to be shot in 3D, but the idea was dropped relatively early on.

Trivia: This was originally supposed to be the end of the Michael Myers story, with both Michael and Dr. Loomis being killed in the hospital explosion at the end. The series after this was intended to be an anthology, with each new Halloween movie being its own self-contained story. This is why the next film, "Season Of The Witch", has nothing to do with Michael or any of the other characters from the first two movies.

Trivia: Co-star Lance Guest would later go on to star in "The Last Starfighter," a family-friendly sci-fi adventure film and cult-favorite. That film was directed by Nick Castle... who just-so-happened to play Michael Myers in the original "Halloween." Castle was a film-school friend of John Carpenter who got drafted into playing Michael before he began a career as a director himself. Funnily enough, the next film, "Halloween III", co-starred Dan O'Herlihy, who also appeared in "The Last Starfighter."


Trivia: The mask featured in the film is actually the exact same mask from the first movie. It looks different for two reasons... first, because the actor portraying Michael had a wider head, which stretched it out slightly, and second, because it had started to fade and also got a yellowish hue due to being stored in writer Debra Hill's home. Hill was a chain-smoker, and suspected that constant smoke in the air gave the mask a slight yellowish stain.


Trivia: The hot therapy tub where two characters have sex and one is killed was actually freezing behind the scenes and also got very dirty and unsterile just sitting around. Actress Pamela Shoop said that she and Leo Rossi were literally shivering, and that she ended up getting an ear infection due to having her head repeatedly dunked in the dirty, freezing water.


Trivia: John Carpenter has said that the writing process for the film mostly involved him sitting in front of a typewriter drinking beer and not being sure what to write. Key plot points, such as Michael and Laurie being brother and sister, were just things he came up with on the fly because he was trying to think of ways to justify a sequel even existing, since he felt there was no more story to tell.


Revealing mistake: When Loomis shoots the marshal's window out, when he makes a u-turn you can see the tire marks on the road and dirt from previous takes.

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Sam Loomis: I ought to handcuff you to the wheel, but I have a feeling I'm gonna need you in there. Can I trust you?
Marshal: What have I got to lose, except my job?

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Question: How can Michael recognize Laurie as his younger sister since he wouldn't have seen her since she was only two years old?

Answer: There is a scene where Laurie dreams about meeting Michael as a young teen. It's unknown whether this is an actual memory of real events, but since nothing indicates otherwise, we could assume the he saw her at an older age when she looked closer to her 17-year-old self.

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