Alpha Dog

Corrected entry: Johnny and others are seen smoking in bar. However, the California Smokefree Workplace law went into effect in 1998 for bars.


Correction: I've been in bars and truck stops in CA that still have smoking or smoking sections after 1998. The way they got around it was to have "smoking clubs" to which people would have to buy a membership, for $1 usually, and thereby they waived their right to sue for damages under the Smokefree Workplace act. Quite possibly Johnny and all are members of a similar club.

Corrected entry: Sharon Stone is seen giving a news interview describing what her son was last seen wearing before he went missing. She describes him as wearing pants and a shirt. However, the last time that she saw him they were in an argument in the living room and he was in his underwear. He then ran upstairs, put his clothes on, climbed out the window and she never saw what he was wearing.

Correction: Most mothers that I have met know EXACTLY how many and what kind of clothes their children wear. She could easily determine what was missing and describe it.

Damian Torres

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