Alpha Dog

Factual error: Several characters can be seen playing an Xbox game console, which was not released until 2001, although this movie is set in 1999.

Factual error: Throughout the film, whenever officers from the Los Angeles Police Department are depicted they are wearing a fake police patch. This is obviously incorrect because officers with the Los Angeles Police Department do not wear patches.

Factual error: When Frankie Ballenbacher arrives at Johnny's house when he wants to go to Fiesta, he is wearing some brown and white Nike Air Force I's that were not released until 2004. The movie is supposed to take place in 1999.

Factual error: The Land Rover discovery the girls are driving, looking at the headlights is an 03-04, the movie is set in 1999.

Factual error: When the police cars are in front of the kidnapped kid's house, it shows the date as Sunday November 8th, 1999, which is incorrect. November 8th, 1999 was on a Monday.


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