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Powerless - S2-E11

Corrected entry: Even though Peter Petrelli doesn't fully trust Adam, he listens to every word he is saying. Even such a seriously illogical task as taking a long time opening the large, heavy vault door to get to the virus (which Adam wanted to release) instead of just walking through the vault door and destroying the virus inside quickly, without anyone near to harm.

Correction: This is a character decision. Peter does not know what is waiting for him on the other side of the vault door. He knows there are people who are against what him and Adam are doing. If he had entered without Adam, he may have run into the Haitian, who could take his powers away, leaving him trapped inside the vault.

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Season 3 generally

Corrected entry: When Hiro and Ando go to Daphne's apartment in France, they take her medal for 1st Place 100 yard dash in the 12th grade. When the eclipse comes, however, she said she had cerebral palsy up until a year ago when she gained her power at the first eclipse. Either this is an error or Daphne is still a teenager.


Correction: The medal does not belong to Daphne, it was established that it belonged to Daphne's mother and Daphne kept it as a keepsake.

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Dying of the Light - S3-E6

Corrected entry: Arthur Petrelli steals Adam Monroe's power and he crumbles to dust because his power was all that was keeping him alive. On the same note, when Arthur steals Peter's power, shouldn't Peter regain all the injuries that Claire's ability let him heal from, such as the injuries from throwing himself off the roof with Sylar and having several chunks of glass embedded in his head?


Correction: Not necessarily. Claire's ability healed Peter and made him healthy. From that point on, sure, Peter could no longer heal. But it doesn't mean his healed injuries come back. When Arthur takes Adam's power, we can see it age Adam instantly. Remember Adam is over 400 years old. What we see happening is his 400 year old body withering because he can no longer heal. Peter is in his 20s, so this didn't happen to him.

In His Own Image - S1-E1

Corrected entry: When Claire rescues the man in the fire, how come her hair doesn't burn up? While her body is able to regenerate, her hair wouldn't be able to, as it is dead tissue. If her hair was self healing she would never be able to get a hair cut.

Correction: Since it's not known just EXACTLY how Claire's power works it could be something like her body (including her hair) regenerates back to the point PRIOR to sustaining any damage.

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Correction: Also, it could be that her hair simply didn't catch on fire. The man she rescued, his hair didn't burn up either.

Season 1 generally

Corrected entry: In some episodes Claire voluntarily hurts herself (like when she grabs a pan out of a hot oven or when she sticks her fingers down the sink disposal to grab something). She is obviously badly injured these two times but shows absolutely no signs of pain whatsoever. Later in season 1 when she tries to do the back tuck off the tower she breaks her leg and is in agonizing pain. Also Peter has this power too, and he shows signs of pain a couple of times throughout the season. Do they have pain or not?


Correction: They do have pain, at least in the earlier seasons. That being said, the more she does these things, the higher her tolerance for pain becomes. It isn't until Sylar takes her power that she becomes totally numb to pain, with the few exceptions of when her power is dormant.

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Hysterical Blindness - S4-E5

Corrected entry: Peter "catches" Emma's ability and loses his speed ability when he touches her, to keep her from being hit by the bus. Yet in one of the previous episodes, he shook hands with Samuel without losing his ability and gaining Samuel's.


Correction: Peter did not know that Emma had an ability, therefore did not harness his own ability. When he shook hands with Samuel, he was aware there were specials around so made a conscious error to "turn off" his ability. Notice at the end of the series, when he was also consciously aware, he did end up taking Samuel's ability.

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The Fifth Stage - S4-E12

Corrected entry: Peter absorbs René "The Haitian"'s abilities (erase memory and neutralize abilities). Later on he fights Sylar and uses René's ability to force Sylar out. Sylar faints and turns into Nathan. If Peter absorbed René's abilities to neutralize abilities, shouldn't Sylar be unable to shape-shift into Nathan's looks?


Correction: As shown in season 1 when Nathan is able to fly away from the Haitian and Bennet, abilities can be used when near the Haitian if he is not intentionally turning off other peoples abilities, so to speak. In this instance, Sylar has passed out. Peter sees no need to nullify his powers at that point, so the shape shifting is able to transpire.

The Fifth Stage - S4-E12

Corrected entry: Peter absorbs René "The Haitian"'s abilities (erase memory and neutralize abilities). But, shouldn't Peter's ability (to absorb abilities) be neutralized around René, therefore making him unable to absorb his abilities?


Correction: The Haitian's powers are not always active. It's a manual power, meaning that the user has to consciously use it.


Godsend - S1-E12

Corrected entry: The FBI man tells Suresh that Eden died near Sudbury, 100 miles outside Ontario. Ontario is a Canadian Province - not a city - and Sudbury is near the middle. So if Eden died 100 miles from Sudbury she died *in* Ontario, not outside Ontario.

Correction: Eden died in Odessa, TX in the warehouse. The "FBI" man was lying to him.

Show generally

Corrected entry: We learn in season two that Claire, Adam and Peter can be killed through decapitation or a bullet to the head. So how is it that Claire's blood is able to revive Noah when he is shot in the head?

Correction: In season one, we see both Peter and Claire revive after the object that killed them and lodged in their brain is removed. Given that the intent is clearly to revive Noah, it seems reasonable to surmise that the bullet would have been removed first.

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Powerless - S2-E11

Corrected entry: Peter is helping Adam because he doesn't know his real intentions, but he has the power of reading minds and he has used it to get information before. If Peter had read Adam's mind, he would know beforehand that he is the one interested in releasing the virus.

Correction: He can't read minds. He hears thoughts. If Adam is not actively thinking it, then Peter wouldn't "hear" it. And Adam, being familiar with this particular skill, would know how to protect himself from it.

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Correction: No longer true: Peter was missing in the episode Company Man and several episodes of Season 2, while Claire has been missing in at least two season 2 episodes.

Show generally

Corrected entry: At the beginning, Peter is in the bar where Ricky was killed. The scene is marked with yellow "crime scene - do not cross" lines - but these are used in USA, not in Britain.

Correction: This is simply incorrect. Not only is yellow crime scene tape used in many jurisdictions in the UK, but a Google search brought up a number of businesses in the UK that sell the tape. In fact, all came with a disclaimer that the tape could only be sold to the police force.


.07% - S1-E19

Corrected entry: In episode 19, titled "0.07%", Peter is hit with a shard of glass much larger than any of the pieces elevated and used by Sylar.

Correction: Actually, Sylar lifts pieces of all shapes and sizes. It is very hard to see, but some shards are quite large.


Five Years Gone - S1-E20

Corrected entry: Peter Petrelli got the power to heal when he saved the cheerleader, as seen when he is stabbed by the glass from Syllar, However in this episode it shows that five years in the future he has a large scar across his face. This would not be possible as any cut he received would have completely healed.


Correction: Without knowing the details of how Peter got the scar, it cannot be stated categorically that Peter would be able to heal it.

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Correction: In a different timeline, Peter loses his healing ability. Completely possible it happened in this timeline as well.

Hiros - S1-E5

Corrected entry: In episode 5, "Hiros", Mr Bennet and The Haitian hold Nathan at gun point when Nathan reaches a dead end (the fence) after trying to make an attempt to run away. Nathan then leaps into the air and flies off. However, The Haitian cancels out other people's powers when they are near him, so Nathan should not have been able to fly. This same thing happens again in Episode 16, "Unexpected," on the roof of the Deveaux Building where Mr Bennet and The Haitian attempt to capture Claude and Peter, but Peter flies away, and Claude manages to still be invisible.

Correction: The Haitian negates other people's powers at will - in "Five Years Gone", Parkman is able to read minds with the Haitian standing next to him. Now remember that the Haitian actually works for Peter and Nathan's mother, and he may be under orders to allow the Petrellis to escape the Company's clutches.

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Correction: Place a call to Hiro's dad? His father is somehow wrapped up in the unnamed organization, knows of Hiro's powers, and is somehow connected with Linderman.


Shadowboxing - S4-E9

Corrected entry: Sylar takes over Parkman's body, and has discussions with Parkman, who is a figment and isn't really there. However there are many times when a shadow is cast on Parkman. Most noticeable when they are in the diner in Texas and Sylar threatens to kill Lynette, and Parkman interjects (when Sylar instead takes a straw). You can see Sylar's shadow on Parkman, which isn't possible if he's not really there.


Correction: This is inside Sylar's imagination and in his imagination Parkman is there, thus he imagines a shadow falling over him.


Company Man - S1-E17

Corrected entry: According to the writers and producers, Claire is 16 in season one. In this episode we go back 14 years to when she is first given to Bennet, but the child Bennet is handed is only a few months old. Claire would have been somewhere between one and two years old at this point.

Correction: Statements by the writers and producers are irrelevant - what matters is what's stated in the series itself. If it's stated on-screen that Claire is sixteen, and this is later contradicted by something, then this is a valid continuity error. If, however, Claire's age is not stated or implied in the show itself, then no continuity error exists, as statements by the programme makers do not form part of the show itself.

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Correction: Two things, in "The Fix", Claire says to get dad she's almost 16, so she's 15 at the time. Second, the newspaper article stats that baby Claire is 18-months old. So the timeline is correct. I couldn't find who played the baby in "Company Man", but the baby certainly looks older than a few months.


Collision - S1-E4

Corrected entry: When Hiro stops time to fix the result of the roulette, he grabs the roulette's ball in mid air. The roulette's ball can't bounce that high and most likely the ball was still spinning around the roulette.

Correction: I am an gambler and avid roulette player, and the ball can definitely jump that high. I have seen the ball "pop" completley over the partition and onto the floor.

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Run! - S1-E15

Continuity mistake: When Matt Parkman gets thrown out of a window by Niki Sanders, he lands at least a few stories down and has a cut upon his head. The amount of blood on his head differs significantly from shot to shot.

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Trivia: There are a number of other Star Trek references in Heroes. In episode 15 (Run!), Hope refers to Hiro as "Sulu." George Takei, who played the original Sulu plays Hiro's father. And at one point (and several other times throughout the show) Hiro gives the Vulcan hand symbol that Spock always used when he would say "live long and prosper." Zachary Quinto, who plays Sylar, would also later play Spock in the 2009 reboot Star Trek.

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Chosen answer: It's not been made 100% clear. It was originally assumed that he actually consumed part of the brain, but this has turned out not to be the case. Sylar has been shown all along to have an instinctive knowledge of how things work and how to fix them - this is his actual original power and the ability that made him an exceptional watchmaker and repairer. It appears that he uses a similar process when acquiring new powers - he exposes the brain of the target, allowing him to examine it and determine how their power functions. He can then apply that knowledge to his own brain, allowing him to replicate the ability in question.

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