9th Oct 2008

Heroes (2006)

22nd Sep 2008

Cube Zero (2004)

Question: At the end of this movie the main guy is lobotomised and put back into the Cube. Is this supposed to be the start of the original Cube movie? Because the dialogue is very similar (about liking the blue room), but it is not exact and his name is changed.


Answer: No, the director himself has stated they're not the same person, however they wanted to show that Kazan wasn't always like that, he went through the same lobotomy that Wynn did It also, when viewed in that aspect, gives a much darker perspective to the ending of cube 1 when you realise that the "white room" was NOT an auxiliary exit, but rather one just like the room from Cube: Zero where the "god" question would be asked.

Chosen answer: Yes, it is implied that Kazaan and Wynn are the same person. The scenes are nearly identical except for the way Wynn is shown, as in, we don't see him fall from the room above as we did with Kazaan. But, yes, they are essentially the same scene.


16th Aug 2008

The Strangers (2008)

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Liv Tyler is in the shed using the CB radio, she hides and drops the microphone. In the next scene, the mic is standing upright, then it is lying down, then it is standing upright again when she goes to use it.


Question: If Bootstrap Turner took a coin from the chest, then how did he die? He should be cursed and therefore invulnerable. I know they later show that he is with Davey Jones, but that means that he is dead, or if he isn't dead, wouldn't the curse demand his blood, not his sons?


Chosen answer: When the curse was lifted he was still at the bottom of the sea (alive due to the curse), Davy then offered him 100 years of serving him or death, and he chose the 100 years.


No, he says in the second movie that he was "unable to move, unable to die" as he was tied to a cannon and being crushed by the weight of the water. Davy came along and offered him a way out. Technically you could say he was dying, just not able to die, and dying or being dead doesn't necessarily seem to be a requirement to join Davy's crew since Will was able to wager his soul in servitude to Davy during the dice game. As for needing Will's blood and not his father's, the pirates didn't seem fully sure it would work. But since it's doubtful they bothered to mark where in the ocean they dumped Bootstrap, they had to go for their best option.

20th Apr 2008

Prom Night (2008)

Plot hole: When the cop is in the room and he realises how the teacher escaped from the hotel, he pictures him walking out in the bellboy uniform while the cop is downstairs. However at this time he should be upstairs with the girl in her room, because he is still in the room when she runs out of the room into the cop. For this to work out, the teacher would have to have left the room before the girl even got there.


16th Apr 2008

Nancy Drew (2007)

Continuity mistake: When Nancy drew is talking to the guy about the records for adopted children the cake she gave him keeps appearing and disappearing off the napkin as the shot changes.


28th Oct 2007

Saw IV (2007)

Chosen answer: We don't know. This will probably be covered in an upcoming sequel.


13th Jul 2007

The Simpsons (1989)

The Boys of Bummer - S18-E18

Trivia: In Season 18 Episode 18 (Boys of Bummer), the announcers at the ball game are an American from KBBL radio and a Mexican from QUE BBL radio. QUE is pronounced "K" in spanish.


11th Jul 2007

Rebound (2005)

Revealing mistake: In the scene when the coach's friend (priest) also played by Martin Lawrence is praying with the team. Every time it shows the back of the coach's head in line with the front of the priest's head it has noticeably less hair than Martin Lawrence and you can tell it is a stand in.


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