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Corrected entry: During the twelfth episode of the fourth season, "The Fifth Stage", Peter absorbs René "The Haitian"'s abilities (erase memory and neutralize abilities). But, shouldn't Peter's ability (to absorb abilities) be neutralized around René, therefore making him unable to absorb his abilities


Correction: The Haitian's powers are not always active. It's a manual power, meaning that the user has to consciously use it.


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Corrected entry: We learn in season two that Claire, Adam and Peter can be killed through decapitation or a bullet to the head. So how is it that Claire's blood is able to revive Noah when he is shot in the head?

Correction: In season one, we see both Peter and Claire revive after the object that killed them and lodged in their brain is removed. Given that the intent is clearly to revive Noah, it seems reasonable to surmise that the bullet would have been removed first.

Tailkinker Premium member

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Corrected entry: In the last episode of the second season ("Powerless") Peter is helping Adam because he doesn't know his real intentions, but he has the power of reading minds and he has used it to get information before. If Peter had read Adam's mind, he would know beforehand that he is the one interested in releasing the virus.

Correction: He can't read minds. He hears thoughts. If Adam is not actively thinking it, then Peter wouldn't "hear" it. And Adam, being familiar with this particular skill, would know how to protect himself from it.

JC Fernandez

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Corrected entry: Claire Bennet and Peter Petrelli are the only two characters that have been in every episode.

Correction: No longer true: Peter was missing in the episode Company Man and several episodes of Season 2, while Claire has been missing in at least two season 2 episodes.

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Corrected entry: At the beginning, Peter is in the bar where Ricky was killed. The scene is marked with yellow "crime scene - do not cross" lines - but these are used in USA, not in Britain.

Correction: This is simply incorrect. Not only is yellow crime scene tape used in many jurisdictions in the UK, but a Google search brought up a number of businesses in the UK that sell the tape. In fact, all came with a disclaimer that the tape could only be sold to the police force.


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Corrected entry: In Episode 1-18, "Parasite", how in the world did Ando, a foreign national, get a job as a security guard, in a casino, guarding priceless artifacts?

wizard_of_gore Premium member

Correction: Place a call to Hiro's dad? His father is somehow wrapped up in the unnamed organization, knows of Hiro's powers, and is somehow connected with Linderman.


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