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Corrected entry: In the scene where Keanu Reeves looks into the drug dealer's window and sees the girl taking a shower (who later comes out naked). If you look really closely through the shower curtain you can see that she has a swimsuit on.

Correction: When this movie first came out, I was a teenage boy, so please believe I had studied this scene carefully! It is not clear at all that she is wearing a swimsuit. Nor would there be any reason for the actress to wear one if she was simply going to bare all for the part when she got out of the shower.

Corrected entry: In the final scene after Patrick Swayze perishes in the surf, there is a shot of Keanu Reeves walking away with blue sky in the background even though it was pouring rain just a moment ago.

Correction: This is possible. Ever heard of a sun-shower?


Corrected entry: When Johnny Utah and the rest of the FBI guys stormed the surfer-Nazi house, none of them are wearing bullet proof vests. Why would only 5 FBI agents storm a house not knowing how many people are inside and what weapons they might have?

Leonard Hassen

Correction: First off, it's not clear if the 2 agents who went in the back door are vested or not. Yes one of the agents was stabbed, but stab wounds can puncture a vest. Also, the night before, Agent Alvarez pointed out what a "BS lead" this was. And let's remember how Harp was not thrilled with the way Pappas was approaching the case. Harp surely didn't want to waste a lot of manpower on something that in his eyes was probably going to pan out to nothing. And in the eyes of the FBI, these guys were relatively small time. It wasn't until Utah saw that they were "pulling out a f - king arsenal" that he realized perhaps they were undermanned. At that point he tried to call off the raid but it was too late.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Angelo and Johnny go to work a drop car we hear Pappas say 'Forget about it kid, they're ghosts'. Later on in the film we see Johnny have a flash back to this point. It is obvious that these are two separate shots as Angelo's hands move differently in each one.

Correction: I noticed this too. I think the wording also changes from "theyre ghosts" to "they ARE ghosts". Not a mistake. Flashbacks are how the character remembers the situation. This is simply how Johnny recollected what Pappas had told him.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Keanu Reeves and Lori Petty spend the night together after his first night time surf, everybody arrives at the beach in their wetsuits only, but then they wake up with their clothes next to them.

Correction: It's possible that everybody brought along a change of clothes in their respective vehicles. Not a mistake.

Damian Torres

Corrected entry: Bodi and his surfer buddies are fleeing from a bank robbery and Bodi sets a car on fire endangering peoples lives. Seeing as how Johnny Utah is a "crack shot", why wouldn't he shoot Bodi in the leg instead of that long drawn out chase scene?

Leonard Hassen

Correction: Not only is it difficult to hit a moving target while running, it is most likely a matter of procedure. No trained police professional would endanger innocents by firing a shot at a fleeing suspect, especially if he knows the suspect's identity and could use that information to capture him later. You see shootouts all the time in movies, but in this one, what happens is actually closer to the truth.


Corrected entry: Keanu Reeves is in the restaurant where Lori Petty works explaining why he wants to surf. He said he went to law school on a football scholarship (Ohio State). There is no such thing as a football scholarship for law school. He may have gotten a scholarship to OSU for undergrad studies, but the way Keanu says it, it sounds like he got a law school scholarship.

Correction: Johnny is lying to get Lori to trust him.

Corrected entry: When Bodie is talking about the 50 year storm, he says he will be at Bells Beach which is in Victoria, Australia. Later Lori Petty asks Keanu, "You're not buying into this Bondi bulls**t are you?" Bondi beach is in Sydney, New South Wales Australia, nowhere near Bells.

Correction: The correct quote is: "I hope you are not buying into this Banzai bullsh*t." She does not say Bondi. The conversation is not about Bells Beach, AU, it's about buying into the whole scene the group is in to.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Patrick Swayze is chasing Keanu Reeves, Swayze hurls a huge boxer dog at Reeves. If you look closely, you can see that in the split second after Reeves has wrestled it, he literally drop kicks the animal, which has turned into a small cuddly toy. It even makes that squeak that those toys make.

Correction: It makes a sound of a hurt dog, same as if you step on its tail.

Sol Parker

Corrected entry: When Keanu Reeves and his partner are collecting hair samples for forensic comparisons, isn't it the way they do so a little illegal? I think they'd need the person's permission or at least a warrant.


Correction: Police do things like that all the time. It's not right, but copying reality certainly isn't a movie mistake.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: At the bank, when Keenu gets shot in the vest you see him take off the vest and clutch his chest. Then as Swayze walks up to him to knock him out he is wearing it again. (01:58:45)

Correction: Keanu only opened the vest, he did not take it off.

Corrected entry: In a freefall the wind noise is so strong that you cannot hear other people's voices (no matter how loud). The vocal conversation is impossible. Nevertheless, people in the movie have almost no problems taking to each other in a freefall.

Correction: The wind noise is very loud, but it is possible to talk while skydiving and be heard especially when one skydiver's mouth is right next to another skydiver's ear. It would be difficult to have a lengthy conversation, but the final skydiving scene in this movie would be possible.

Corrected entry: Bells Beach is not located directly next to the town of Torquay.

Correction: The film shows it as nearby, not 'next to'. In fact it's about a ten minute drive - see http://www.ludssurfingpage.bravepages.com/surfmap8.gif.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Keanu Reeves fights with Anthony Keidis and his friends, his surfboard is broken in half. However, in the early morning surf scene where he is walking down the beach with Lori Petty and realises that he is probably with the ex-presidents, he is carrying the same surfboard.

Correction: How do we know it is the same surfboard? Maybe he had more than one of the same type, or perhaps he got a replacement.

Corrected entry: When the undercover policeman is supposedly lying dead in the bank, and Harp tells Utah to look at the 'guy who was killed', he moves his head around, really obviously. While dead.

Correction: The man on the right side of the body, who is either a homicide detective or a coroner investigator, was the one moving the head. It is common to move bodies slightly at crime scenes for investigative purposes and for collecting evidence before moving the bodies to the morgue.

Corrected entry: Utah said at one point that a knee injury had stopped his football career, and we see the knee give out after jumping down into the canal while chasing Bodi. Given the huge amount of physical ability required,I don't think the FBI would have taken on a recruit that had an injury like that.

Correction: Not all jobs in the FBI require extreme physical ability.

Corrected entry: Just before the raid on the house, Utah radios his sidekick who amazingly enough is able to speak with both his hands off the talk button on the radio and his mouth several feet from the microphone.

Correction: He could have had a hands free/voice activated radio .

Continuity mistake: During the night surfing scene, you see a shot of the surface of the water from below, the sun is obviously visible.

Sol Parker

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Bodhi: If you want the ultimate, you've got to be willing to pay the ultimate price. It's not tragic to die doing what you love.

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Trivia: Johnny is reporting to Angelo on Bhodi's movements that day. He comments on how he goes and eats lunch at "Patrick's Roadhouse." There is an actual bar and grill on the Pacific Coast Highway right out of Los Angeles called 'Patrick's Roadhouse', but Patrick Swayze also starred in "Roadhouse" a few years earlier, so this seems like a deliberate nod.

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Question: What exactly is Anthony Kiedis doing on his bed when Keanu Reeves looks in the apartment before the big shoot-out? Is he listening to music, shooting up heroin or (as my pals suggested) is he jacking off whilst watching the woman in the nearby shower?

Answer: He is listening to music and just getting getting really into it.


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