Point Break

Continuity mistake: During the night surfing scene, you see a shot of the surface of the water from below, the sun is obviously visible.

Sol Parker

Continuity mistake: During the scene where Utah is chasing the ex-president, we see Ronald Reagan run out of a house and scale a fence into a neighbours garden, instead of running down the driveway. The next shot then shows Utah running out of the house with the fence coming into view, but without seeing the ex-president, and then give chase over the fence. He wouldn't have known to jump over the fence, because he wouldn't have seen him go over it.

Continuity mistake: In the stakeout at Latigo Beach, Pappas is surveying Utah's surfing activities from a parked car with binoculars. Pappas takes off his sunglasses and puts them on the dashboard. Watch the sunglasses change position from upside down to right side up for no reason and in a matter of seconds between shots of Pappas watching Utah surf and then especially when Pappas and Utah are communicating on the radio. (00:32:35)

Matt Rengers

Continuity mistake: In the first sky diving scene all of the ex-presidents have joined hands waiting for Johnny Utah to join them they then cut to a close up of Johnny Utah and then a shot from behind Utah trying to reach the group which is not holding hands anymore for about 2 seconds.

Continuity mistake: In the night surfing scene, as Johnny gets up for the first wave, he is riding regular (left foot forward), but as the camera cuts back and forth he jumps back and forth between this stance and goofy (right foot forward). All other surfing shots of Johnny in the movie show him surfing goofy.

Continuity mistake: During the chase scene, some of the hub caps fall off the Lincoln, but they are not always the same ones as shown, some of the hubcaps jump back on for a shot.

Sol Parker

Continuity mistake: When Angelo gets shot in the back in the airport, right when the shot is fired all of his back is bloody, but in the next clip when Johnny comes up to him, there is much less blood.

Jacob La Cour

Continuity mistake: Pappas describes Tyler correctly according to the first look at the computer screen as having blue eyes and black hair, but when Utah looks at the screen it says blond hair, green eyes.

Continuity mistake: When Utah is playing football on the beach with Bodhi, and his buddies and Bodhi makes a catch, he begins running down the beach towards the endzone. Utah can be seen giving chase and checking the same two people twice. (00:26:15)

Continuity mistake: In the final skydiving scene, Johnny Utah is holding his gun on Bohdie in his left hand. A shot from above them during the fall shows Utah holding the gun in his right hand. Much is made about how Utah can't switch hands.

Continuity mistake: When Angelo is sitting in his car while Utah is surfing he puts sun glasses on his head so he can look through binoculars. When they pan back to him the sunglasses are gone.


Continuity mistake: While the surfers are making the star in the air, the four guys are holding each other, but in the next shots they are loose.


Continuity mistake: When Grommet dies, at first there's lots of blood on his face, but then there's all of a sudden a lot less.


Continuity mistake: When Bodhi is talking with Johnny before the last robbery his shirt looks white, but in the bank it's dirty.

Revealing mistake: During the night surfing scene notice that the sun is evident in the background (look closely it does not appear long). There are also shots where you can see clouds and faint blue sky. Moments later you see Keanu and Lori sitting in the water with completely different lighting which was actually taken at night and further distinguishes that the surfing shots were not actually done at night time. I heard the scene was shot during the day with a filter so it looked like it was shot at night.

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Pappas: Listen you snot-nose little shit, I was takin' shrapnel in Khe Sanh when you were crappin' in your hands and rubbin' it on your face.

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Trivia: Johnny is reporting to Angelo on Bhodi's movements that day. He comments on how he goes and eats lunch at "Patrick's Roadhouse." There is an actual bar and grill on the Pacific Coast Highway right out of Los Angeles called 'Patrick's Roadhouse', but Patrick Swayze also starred in "Roadhouse" a few years earlier, so this seems like a deliberate nod.

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Question: What exactly is Anthony Kiedis doing on his bed when Keanu Reeves looks in the apartment before the big shoot-out? Is he listening to music, shooting up heroin or (as my pals suggested) is he jacking off whilst watching the woman in the nearby shower?

Answer: He is listening to music and just getting getting really into it.


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