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Corrected entry: When Allen comes back to his apartment, he opens the door with a key. We know that Madison left for shopping before. She doesn't know almost anything about life so it's not possible that when leaving she used the key to lock the door. She would leave it unlocked. (00:40:00)

Correction: There are doorknobs that can be opened on the inside but be locked on the outside.

Damian Torres

Corrected entry: The saleslady in Bloomingdales tells Madison she shouldn't be wearing boxer shorts, however, when doing the exercises in front of the TVs, she bends over a few times and the lines show panties, not boxer short lines.

Correction: The sales lady suggests that she visits the lingerie department so one can assume that she did this and bought some female underwear and ditched the boxer shorts?

Corrected entry: Later on in the movie after the scientists place Madison in the "fish tank", she stays there for a while until Allen comes to visit her. When he runs up to the tank, and she swims up to the surface, watch all of her fin. Now think, people...would a fish bend his body as if he had knees underneath? It looks as if Madison had knees underneath her fin, since it's bending in that sort of manner.

Correction: If we assume Mermaids are a divergent human evolution, then the bones in her tail might be more like two legs fused together instead of a structure more similar to a real fish. She might very well have a joint there.

Grumpy Scot

Corrected entry: Madison spends a significant amount of time in the north. She meets Allen in Cape Cod when he is a boy and rescues him there when he is a man. Also, her undersea city is within a short swimming distance of New York City. With all that exposure to northern climates it makes no sense that she has never seen ice, as evidenced by her comments at the skating rink.

Correction: Madison's view of ice would have been from below, not above, and her experience would have told her that ice is large irregularly shaped chunks of really cold stuff that simply disappear as they move south. The idea of humans gliding along the top of a smooth ice surface on metal blades would be totally new to her.

Kevin Hall

Corrected entry: When Allen leaves the wedding reception on his way to Cape Cod, he gets into a taxi. He doesn't have his tuxedo jacket on, nor is he carrying it. In the next scene when he walking on the beach in Cape Cod, he is wearing the jacket.

Correction: When Allen boards the taxi, look at the bottom of the screen and you can see his tuxedo tied around his waist. Therefore it would be there with him, for him to untie from his waist, and put on.

Hamster Premium member

Corrected entry: Alan and Freddy have to go through guards, questioning and checkpoints at the museum in order to reach Madison, but amazingly they have no problem getting a wrapped body from the water tank back out to the street without being stopped.

Correction: They were stopped but they said that it was another scientist that was hurt by the mermaid.So the guards let them go so they could bring the guy to a hospital or something.

Corrected entry: When Madison is rescued near the end, when the car chase starts, Tom hanks passes by an old red Car and squeezes past a lorry. In the next shot he is passing by the exact same car on the freeway.


Correction: It's a freeway, how can you be sure it's exactly the same car? I have a 20 year old car, only 145 of them were imported to Canada, I live in a town of 4500 people, and someone has a car that looks identical to mine from the outside.


Corrected entry: When Madison turns up at the Statue of Liberty, the audience is assuming she has just come out of the water. Of course she may have waited a few minutes for her fin to dry and turn into legs. But her hair is completely dry. I think with all that hair it would have taken a long time to dry.

Correction: As mentioned in another correction for this film, since she is a mermaid, i.e. not human, who has a fin that can change into two separate legs when drying, the physical properties of her hair are most likely also affected when out of the water, thus making it dry faster.


Corrected entry: After Madison finds Allen's wallet, she swims into a wrecked ship to look at a map of New York so she can find him. The close-up shows she has nail polish on her fingers. When she reaches Liberty Island and grabs onto the rail, you can see the nail polish is gone.

Correction: Madison does not have nail polish on; it's a trick of the light underwater. Notice her skin is a darker, duskier color, too.

Corrected entry: Near the end, Tom Hanks, John Candy and Eugene Levy talk their way into the building where Daryl Hannah is being held to rescue her. They wrap her in a sheet and manage to get out of the tank room past the stupid guard. The next scene shows them out on the street getting into Hanks' car. How did they get the sheet-wrapped body past all the other security points on the way out?

Correction: It's the Museum of Natural History in New York City. There are no 'security checkpoints' to go through on the way out.

Continuity mistake: When Tom Hanks is in the dinghy by himself, the outboard motor has no cover. He falls into the water and the dinghy circles him several times. One of the shots shows the motor with its cover in place. (It is an Evinrude motor).

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Trivia: Darryl Hannah had to wear a specially designed synthetic hair wig for the underwater shots. Notice that her wavy hair stays wavy underwater; real wavy hair goes straight underwater.

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Question: When Dr. Cornbluth first sees the mermaid under water and unsuccessfully tries to take her picture, how come he has an oxygen tank AND an air hose coming from the boat topside? I thought it may be a mistake but I am not a scuba diver so I though I would ask.

William Bergquist

Chosen answer: Whilst it may be a tad unusual, each system serves as a back-up for the other.

David Mercier

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