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Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker picture

Stupidity: The commando mission to save Chewbacca starts gunning down a few Stormtroopers in the hangar. The heroes then go on leaving the troopers lying down on the floor in front of the ship, in plain view. They don't hide them nor ask the droids (who have enough strength and tools to pull them in) to, in fact they tell them to stay put. No wonder they are found out later (after a ridiculously long amount of time).

Sammo Premium member
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Suggested correction: Hiding the bodies would have been a waste of time, anyone who came to the hangar would immediately notice that the guards stationed there were missing and there was now a strange ship parked there.

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Child's Play picture

Stupidity: The climax takes place during the launch of the "Buddi 2," a hotly anticipated tech gadget. The entire film has been leading up this point, and it's a big deal that it's being launched. And yet, there are no more than maybe 20 people waiting. Not a mistake per se, but totally unrealistic compared to the huge crowds these sort-of launches typically bring in.

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Spider-Man: Far From Home picture

Stupidity: Beck wants to kill Peter's friends because they know his secret. Instead of using Edith to attack them directly with a drone strike, or using his illusion technology to lead them into the path of a train like he did with Spider-Man, he instead has a henchman drive them onto a bridge and leave them in the path of his next Elemental attack. Because absolutely nothing is forcing them to stay on the bridge, they all casually walk off the bus and out of immediate danger. It is unfathomable that a man as intelligent and resourceful as Beck would take such an idiotic approach, especially considering all he had at his disposal and how desperate he was.

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Suggested correction: He wanted it to seem like they were killed in the Elemental attack because it was cleaner. If they were killed by a drone it would be much more suspicious than being killed in the disaster. Once the plan goes wrong, he does simply send an Edith drone after them. If it wasn't for Spider-Man's timing, he would have been successful as well.

Suggested correction: Beck's intentions were to make it look like the kids were killed in the attack by the monster. Had he just killed them with a drone out right, it would have obviously looked like murder and foul play bringing in more investigations and potential problems for him.

Quantom X Premium member

Suggested correction: Fury is well aware of the drone system (he berates Peter for misusing it earlier). If Beck simply utilised EDITH to kill the students, it would give away that Beck was using the drones for his own gain. Once Fury was dead, he could have used EDITH had the original plan failed, but he certainly couldn't do it until after Fury (and potentially other SHIELD agents) had been taken out. He was going to attack London no matter what, so he took the opportunity to take out Ned, MJ and Betty at the same time.

Suggested correction: Characters, even intelligent ones, are allowed to make bad tactical decisions. Real-life history is replete with examples. Just because it seems unlikely doesn't make it a plot hole.

wizard_of_gore Premium member
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Godzilla: King of the Monsters picture

Stupidity: The eco-terrorists leave the Orca completely unattended allowing Madison to take it without anyone realizing until she is long gone. In addition, they don't post any guards at the exit of the bunker and Madison simply walks away without anyone noticing her at all.

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Suggested correction: They leave the Orca in their empty command room within a bunker filled with loyal men. There is no way anyone could have broken in and stolen it. Madison had the advantage of already being in the bunker and even then had to navigate through the air ducts in order to steal the Orca and escape. They wouldn't have armed men visible immediately outside because they didn't want anyone to notice that they were there.

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Alita: Battle Angel picture

Stupidity: In 300 years, in an empoverished world full of people hungry for techs, nobody ever tried to remove the ship from a small pond barely 15 feet deep, and everything inside seems intact. It is mentioned that few tried because the technology is hard to sell being unknown (which is laughable), but surely some would try to strip the ship for alloys, and certainly the lights and monitors wouldn't stay untouched in a world based on scavenging. For 300 years and so close to the city, even.

Sammo Premium member
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Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark picture

Stupidity: When Ruth catches Chuck fishing for turds in their toilet, he yells at her and asks for privacy and then slams the bathroom door shut. He should have closed the bathroom door in the first place if he didn't want anybody to see what he was doing. It's not like anybody would think he was weird for going into the bathroom and immediately closing the door.

Phaneron Premium member
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Ad Astra picture

Stupidity: When Roy finally gets to the Lima project in the shuttle but can't dock, he just lets it drift away - he could have at least tethered it to the station to use it for his return trip.

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Suggested correction: There is no way to know the reason why he did this. It's plausible, or even likely, that the pod was out of fuel. Not only that, but it could not dock with Lima because it was damaged, so it's likely that the damage played into the decision as well.

wizard_of_gore Premium member
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Joker picture

Stupidity: After one of the policemen decides to jump over the railing and right into the angry mob (!), Arthur just easily sneaks by ducking under it and takes a nice stroll that will lead him through an unlocked door. Nobody in the mob he is part of decides to do the same, and you can also see that one of the policemen is turned towards him, but does not even yell at him or move. And of course, with the theater packed with the Gotham elite basically under siege by a mob and guarded by the police, the door is unlocked and unchecked. Why not. (01:02:55)

Sammo Premium member
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Suggested correction: The point is they were all too distracted by the tussle to notice Arthur ducking behind the barrier. No cop sees him. The angry mob is controlled by the barrier and not all that large so they haven't taken extra precautions to keep the mob at bay, yet. The door Arthur gets in is probably a fire escape and can't be locked for safety reasons.

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Terminator: Dark Fate picture

Stupidity: Sarah sends Dani out of the hotel room alone to get food so she can question Grace - they have already been identified and attacked by a terminator and it's still out there.

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Charlie's Angels picture

Stupidity: The bad guy who spies on Bosley is visible from the very beginning of the scene, when Elena is not even inside the cafe yet. The cafe does not have many customers and the bad guy is using a loud vintage typewriter with a big mirror mounted on top (!). The Angels are portrayed as being super smart and their setup is so careful, but somehow they managed to miss something amazingly obvious. Conversely, nobody would have ever paid attention to a laptop or any silent, modern-age device perhaps with a camera or something similar, so the bad guy chose the most blatantly conspicuous accoutrement for his spying job. Try showing up to a cafe punching the keys of a big clunky typewriter and literally everyone will be looking at you. (00:18:25)

Sammo Premium member
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Knives Out picture

Stupidity: Spoiler. The protagonist is a trained and competent nurse, paired with one of the greatest murder mystery writers. Neither finds strange in the slightest that after jabbing his vein with a dose of drugs 30 times the norm he is absolutely fine, not just conscious but even able to concoct on the spot a convoluted plot, speaking normally and quite at length, no trouble at all. He should be dead "in 10 minutes" sure, but it's not a time bomb. You'd think one would not be so blasé about slitting their own throat and the other would have to notice how amazingly unaffected and lucid the other appears to be minutes later. Not to mention that his plan would have never worked with the toxicology report, which should be routine in a suicide case also to assess the mental state of the person who left no note or anything behind.

Sammo Premium member
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Suggested correction: It is explained that the drug overdose will kill Harlan in 10 minutes based on the dosage. The implication is that Harlan's heart will stop, not that he will become gradually and obviously sick over those 10 minutes. Regardless, based on what they believe will happen, even if they did notice that Harlan wasn't getting sick they wouldn't have the time to test that theory. The fact that neither Marta nor Harlan thought about a potential toxicology report is a pretty major part of the plot, and it is perfectly reasonable given the circumstances. The plot was hatched on the spot within a few minutes and there are several holes in the plan that drive the story throughout the film. Although a brilliant man and a great writer, Harlan simply didn't think of everything.

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Dark Phoenix picture

Stupidity: The X-Men depart for space on a vehicle not designed for space, for an incredibly dangerous mission they know nothing about (and none of them can survive in space at that point), but don't suit up for it in the slightest - and with Nightcrawler and Quicksilver's powers as they are shown later, it'd be easy to do it without wasting time. Not only that, but Xavier communicates with NASA to get the briefing only after the X-Men have already departed.

Sammo Premium member
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Batman vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles picture

Stupidity: It seems dumb that Mr. Freeze takes part in the Arkham plot given he said when Shredder and Ra's walked through he wanted no part of anything, but when Joker frees everyone he joins in.

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Stuber picture

Stupidity: Vic has a clean sniper shot with his temporarily newfound eyesight, and goes for the low level goon driving the car rather than the man he's been after all this time for his vendetta - and that is the one shooting at them anyway. (01:15:30)

Sammo Premium member
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Adventures of Aladdin picture

Stupidity: The princess spits at the Vizier, while she is wearing her wedding veil in front of her mouth. (01:08:40)

Sammo Premium member
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Captain Marvel picture

Stupidity: For being a ruthless race of conquerors, every Kree in this movie is awfully cautious when pulling the trigger. From the kree soldiers who don't shoot the prisoners who were already set to be "ejected into space" (instead of being shot on the spot) nor the space monster attacking them with tentacles, to Yon-Rogg and Minn-erva who do not shoot Carol when she is about to destroy the engine (Minn-erva especially should have no problems doing that and it's the whole purpose of a sniper). The best bit about the shooting idiocy happens when "Just a girl" starts playing, and Minn-erva with 2 soldiers armed with rifles from an elevated position do not shoot their precision rifles but rather jump down on the same level as Carol for absolutely no reason. Which soldier with a rifle would get closer to the enemy?

Sammo Premium member
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Gemini Man picture

Stupidity: Spoiler. In a typical 'why didn't he do it before?' twist that kinda invalidates the rest of the movie, it turns out that the villain has had a third Will Smith clone all along, ready for deployment in Yemen and with fear and pain genetically removed, ready to blindly kill anyone, combined with so much body armor that even point blank AR-15 carbine shots barely faze...but he sent the 'prototype' he raised like a son instead, in a hoodie and baseball cap.

Sammo Premium member
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Batman: Hush picture

Stupidity: After making love, Selina notices Batman's scars. She surely was caught in the moment, but, it's something she really was bound to notice sooner. (00:53:10)

Sammo Premium member
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