Child's Play

New this month Stupidity: The climax takes place during the launch of the "Buddi 2," a hotly anticipated tech gadget. The entire film has been leading up this point, and it's a big deal that it's being launched. And yet, there are no more than maybe 20 people waiting. Not a mistake per se, but totally unrealistic compared to the huge crowds these sort-of launches typically bring in.


New this month Deliberate mistake: In the handyman's room, we see he has cameras secretly set up in the various apartments to spy on neighbors. But the placement of the camera spying on Mrs. Norris' kitchen is kind-of ridiculous. It appears to be sitting out in the open on her dining room table. Sure, the handyman is a pervert, but there's no way he could get a camera onto such a spot without it being totally obvious.

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Trivia: "Child's Play" creator Don Mancini has no involvement in this remake, and has openly stated that he's against it, as the original movie series is still going. Several other key cast and crew members from the original series have also expressed their disapproval of the film.

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