Child's Play

Stupidity: The climax takes place during the launch of the "Buddi 2," a hotly anticipated tech gadget. The entire film has been leading up this point, and it's a big deal that it's being launched. And yet, there are no more than maybe 20 people waiting. Not a mistake per se, but totally unrealistic compared to the huge crowds these sort-of launches typically bring in.


Plot hole: The Vietnamese sweatshop is structured in a way that makes no real sense: the workers seem to be randomly in charge of everything and nothing instead of having specialized, streamlined tasks. Already makes no sense that a low level employee would be able to reprogram a state of the art AI chip, it makes even less sense from a production standpoint that he'd also be given a disassembled doll, dress it, etc.

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Trivia: The original "Child's Play/Chucky" film series is still in production at Universal (with a planned TV series in the works), as Universal had acquired the franchise rights after MGM released the original film. However, as MGM still technically owns the original film, they were allowed to remake it, so long as it included no references to any of the sequels, as the sequels belong to Universal. Various scenes and portions of the script had to be rewritten several times, as they were found to be too close to scenes from the Universal sequels.

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Question: Just after Chucky kills Shane, why did he say that it was for Tupac? Since he wanted Andy to be happy, shouldn't he have said that it was for Andy?

Answer: I wouldn't read into it much more than just a joke: Chucky heard that joke earlier when the kids in the street were trying to make him do things for their cell phone cameras. So he just re-used it later as he often does in the movie.

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It was a joke that some kid said when he had the Chucky doll.

Answer: Yeah the kid said that so Chuckie said it too.

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