Random Acts of Violence

Stupidity: Adam, Hannah, and Megan [sitting in SUV with flat tire] saw the Man flashing his headlights, getting out, kicking his own SUV and ranting while holding a machete. Instead of fleeing, they got out of their SUV and saw the Man was wearing a welder's mask. When they returned to their SUV, they didn't lock the doors. The Man ran over, pounded on the front passenger's window and then opened the door. He stabbed Adam 36? times while the two girls just sat there screaming and one said, "Please stop."


Revealing mistake: It was pouring when Adam, Hannah, and Megan got out of their SUV to talk to the Man and try to get help with the flat tire. As they stood there, no "rain" was hitting them and it became obvious that their partially wet-looking clothes were "pre-wet" - they returned to the SUV with the same amount of "wetness." Also, the rain was coming down in straight streams, all parallel. (The water flow appeared to be slightly angled to make the artificial "rain" look more natural).


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