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Deliberate mistake: In the handyman's room, we see he has cameras secretly set up in the various apartments to spy on neighbors. But the placement of the camera spying on Mrs. Norris' dining room is kind-of ridiculous. It appears to be sitting out in the open on her dining room table. Sure, the handyman is a pervert, but there's no way he could get a camera onto such a spot without it being totally obvious.


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Trivia: The original "Child's Play/Chucky" film series is still in production at Universal (with a planned TV series in the works), as Universal had acquired the franchise rights after MGM released the original film. However, as MGM still technically owns the original film, they were allowed to remake it, so long as it included no references to any of the sequels, as the sequels belong to Universal. Various scenes and portions of the script had to be rewritten several times, as they were found to be too close to scenes from the Universal sequels.


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Question: What was the factory supervisor screaming at his employee?

Answer: According to IMDb, the supervisor is basically chewing him out for being lazy and sleeping on the job, and then fires him.


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