Anson Gordon-Creed

20th Sep 2021

Child's Play (2019)

Stupidity: When Chucky was hanging Karen using the forklift, why didn't she just lean back and sit on the forks to stop the anchor of the rope from going higher than her? Not anything a forklift-operator would recommend, but it beats being hanged.

Anson Gordon-Creed

7th Sep 2021

Mom and Dad (2017)

Plot hole: When the kids barricade themselves in the basement, Brent and Kendall try to cut through the door, but Josh fends them off with a pistol he stole from his dad. After that scene, though, the pistol completely disappears from the plot; Brent and Kendall don't consider it when they try to gas the children out, and neither kid appears to have it after they escape into the house.

Anson Gordon-Creed

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