Batman vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Plot hole: Joker douses everyone in Arkham with the Ooze mixed with the water sprinklers. One of the first ones to mutate is Mr. Freeze, despite wearing a suit and helmet that keep him hermetically sealed from the external environment at the 0 temperature he needs.

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Continuity mistake: Michelangelo gets part of his mask's tie off blown off by the Penguin, making it shorter than the other. Within minutes it's back to normal when they meet Batman.

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Continuity mistake: En route from the front door of Wayne's mansion to the table in the Batcave, the pile of pizza boxes in Alfred and then in Mike's hands continues to change in size and number: at first the pizza girl delivers 11 boxes, Mike slams on the table just 8, but he brought down the stairs twice that amount (without counting through freeze-frame the precise numbers, it's simply obvious at first glance that the pile is bigger in some shots and the pizzas themselves are pictured of inconsistent size).

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Continuity mistake: After Batman beats the hell out of Shredder, he's got blood all over his face. When the machine crashes down and launches him in the air into a pipe and he falls back down towards the camera, for a few frames you see his face again, and there is no blood. But in the very next shot before he falls into the chemicals, the blood on his face returns. (01:21:00)

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Batgirl: And then they were gone. It all happened so fast. And I didn't have time to, you know, Batgirl up. Those things, they were like lizard men or something. They took the generator. Into the wrong hands, it could blow up a city block. We have to stop them, Batman.
Batman: Whatever they are, they're going to regret stepping foot in Gotham.

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