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Corrected entry: Peggy should be around 50 years old when Steve sees her through the window in the 70s at the secret base, because she was born in 1920-21. She looks exactly the same as in the first Captain America movie and Agent Carter.


Correction: Actually if you look closely, she has some streaks of gray in her hair and a few wrinkles on her face. Additionally, her makeup will help to make her appear a little younger.

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Corrected entry: Spidey could not swing around the battleground because there are no trees or buildings.


Correction: He swings off the Leviathans, Valkyrie's horse, Wakandan ships that are flying around and also Giant-Man.


Corrected entry: While Clint's family is vanishing from his Iowa farm it should be night. The snap was in Wakanda, the other side of the world.


Correction: Clint's farm is in Iowa - Wakanda is roughly near Uganda, which is 8 hours ahead of the US. So without a clear-cut timeframe it would be perfectly possible for the snap to take place at say 4pm in Wakanda, which would be 8am in Iowa. Or even as late as 6pm/10am.

I believe the correction is wrong. I may be mistaken, but wasn't the family eating hot dogs? Unless you are positing that they were having that for breakfast, which is highly doubtful, it doesn't make sense that it was early/mid morning at Clint's farm.

Corrected entry: In Infinity War, the left side of Iron Man's mask was damaged fighting Thanos. In Endgame, it's the right side that is damaged when Tony records his message to Pepper.

Correction: It's not damaged, it's just not fully built. Remember, it's a nano-tech based suit - it's not really a suit so much as tiny nano-bots that he can form into whatever shape he wants, including a suit. (We in fact see him use it in various ways throughout both "Infinity War" and "Endgame.") He simply just used the nano-technology to build enough of the helmet to record his message. It's not an inconsistency.


Corrected entry: The Wasp showing up at the end battle makes no sense. She didn't even know what was going on when they disappeared and came back, and Dr. Strange didn't know where or even who she was, so nobody would think about bringing her there. It's also too paradoxical for Dr. Strange to know she was needed there because he saw the future, simply because there was only 1 chance.


Correction: I don't see the paradox. Dr. Strange saw over 14m futures - seeing the one where they won would include seeing a shrinking flying woman. Enough time passes between the "return" snap and everyone appearing for him to spread the word around every fighter in the MCU - wouldn't take too much of an effort to track her down as well.

The good guys were able to get loads of heroes together including Valkyrie on her flying horse, the Ravagers and Howard the Duck. Clearly adding Wasp wasn't a problem.

Yeah but how did Strange know where to find her? She and the other Pyms were on a random roof somewhere, only Ant-Man knew where they were and Strange couldn't have talked to him about it, not knowing him either. Didn't really have time to ask anyone or do a search. He was kinda busy rallying everyone else.


Corrected entry: Captain Marvel could not have found Tony and Nebula drifting in space by pure chance. And how did she get the ship to Earth before they ran out of air?

Correction: Simply because it's not shown how she did it in the film doesn't make it a mistake. This is a question.

Jason Hoffman

Correction: Rocket likely has a way of tracking the ship's location, and once Captain Marvel showed up at Avengers HQ and they found out what she was capable of, they asked her to retrieve the ship. As for how she got them back to Earth, we see in her own film that she is capable of moving at extremely fast speeds and possesses super strength. Once she found the ship, she simply used her powers to push the ship back to Earth before the air ran out.

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Corrected entry: After the Benatar blows off most of Scott Lang's taco and War Machine's landing causes him to drop the rest of his lunch, Hulk passes by Scott and offers him two tacos in one shot, but in the next shot, Hulk only has one taco in his hand.

Correction: No. He hands Scott 2 tacos. You see it's still 2 tacos as Hulk walks away and Scott tilts them slightly.

Corrected entry: In the battle scene with Thanos the Scarlet Witch is able to destroy some of the double bladed weapon of Thanos and it is knocked to the ground showing a large semi circle portion of one of the blades is missing on it. Later Thanos throws the double bladed weapon at the van to destroy the Quantum Tunnel and it shows the weapon as now completely intact as it hurls through the air towards the back of the van.

Correction: It's not - one of the blades is snapped in half, but diagonally, so still with a clear point. As he lands on the ground after being blasted the damaged half is behind him - he swings it around and throws it, damaged end first, at the van. The only shot of it flying through the air is a wide shot from a distance with no way to tell if it's fully intact, but even then it doesn't look it.

Corrected entry: In 2014, Gamora and Nebula have a conversation after Ebony Maw announces that Thanos has found an infinity stone. They agree that finding one infinity stone is a start to Thanos' plan that has been set in motion. But in 2012 Thanos already had the Mind Stone which he lent to Loki to use to retrieve the Space Stone.

Correction: Who's to say Gamora and Nebula knew that Thanos previously had the Mind Stone in the first place? Especially since it was encased inside the scepter.

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Corrected entry: When Peter Parker returns to school, he is seen reuniting with Ned. If everyone returned 5 years after the snap then Ned would be 5 years older and no longer in high school. If Ned had been dusted he wouldn't have known Peter was also dusted so he wouldn't have been so relieved and happy to see Peter.

Correction: Clearly some time has passed since everyone was snapped back - funeral planning, other logistics. The fact Ned isn't any older shows he was clearly dusted with Peter, they've just not had a chance to meet up since going back to school, so of course they're happy to see each other.

Ned's reaction may have also stemmed from the fact that the last he saw of Peter was on the school bus on the field trip. So for Ned, he didn't know what happened to his friend after he left the bus. Then between that time and the snap, Ned would have learned of the battle in the city, and possibly the battle of Wakanda (if it made the news). Plus, Peter would have never returned home at the end of the day of the field trip. So even if Ned did get dusted, he'd have a memory of Peter having gone missing for a day or more.


Corrected entry: Before the last battle, while Cap is walking alone towards Thanos and his army, he's holding the shield on his left, but in the wide view he has it on his right.


Correction: It's just a quirk of the distance, angle and lighting - as he walks you can tell by the way his arms swing that the shield is still attached to his left arm.

Corrected entry: In the final battle Captain Marvel saves Spider-Man and gets the Gauntlet but she didn't use it. She probably has power enough to use the Gauntlet and save everyone, without sacrificing herself.

Correction: This is merely speculation. You don't know that she is powerful enough to survive and neither does she. The plan was to get the stones back where they belong. With the stones gone, they would have been able to fight off Thanos and his army. Keeping the stones around is a massive risk, and it has been shown in the comics that if you lack the willpower to use them correctly, it can have devastating effects on you and the area around you. It simply isn't worth the risk, especially with the less advanced Iron Gauntlet which was not made by the Dwarves.

Correction: But the plan was never to use the gauntlet again. They only wanted to bring everyone back. They didn't anticipate Thanos arriving. Not knowing someone could even use the gauntlet again the plan was made to keep Thanos away from it and beat him this time. Using it whilst not knowing if that person would survive would be too dangerous, Thanos could get to it. Tony improvised the last part where he decided to wear the gems and snap, as a last resort.


Corrected entry: When the portals are opened you can see the Asgardian army coming through, but the Asgardian army was destroyed by Hela in Thor: Ragnarok.

Correction: They are Asgardians from New Asgard. They have had 5 years to train new soldiers.

At the beginning of Infinity War the spaceship with Asgardian refugees is intercepted by Thanos. There are a lot of dead people on the floor and the ship is completely destroyed with the power stone. It's not explained how some Asgardians escaped from the ship and reached Earth. In Endgame, new Asgard is just an small village with the survivors from the spaceship and the snap. 5 years isn't enough time to reassemble an army because most of the survivors were woman and children that escaped from the ship.

Asgardian women are perfectly capable of being fearsome warriors, and some of the children will now be young adults. After what happened to their people it's hardly beyond belief that a lot of them would be keen to become fighters to defend their fragile nation.

Jon Sandys Premium member

Correction: Actually when the Asgardians come through you only see a handful, 5 years is plenty to turn 16 year olds into 21 year old soldiers.

The Bifrost battle in Thor: Ragnarok shows ordinary Asgardian men and women fighting. They may not be elite guards but they were willing to fight.

Corrected entry: When the Avengers got the space stone and mind stone from the past, they were in the form of the Tesseract and the scepter, but when Steve goes back to replace them, they are in their raw forms. If they want to undo any offshoot timelines, they would have to replace the time stones in their original encasements, at least some of which have been destroyed in the process of obtaining the raw stones. If the Tesseract doesn't exist in Tesseract form before Captain Marvel, would the light speed ship by Dr Larson have been made, etc. And the events of Avengers 1 would have been altered...Ultron/Vision/Scarlet Witch/Quicksilver timelines would likely be disrupted if the scepter itself is not replaced, only the mind stone. It would be an anomaly in the time line.

Jeanne Rhodes-Moen

Correction: They aren't concerned with creating any alternate timelines, as they won't affect their own timeline. They only agree to return the Stones to the point where they are taken in order to avoid any major catastrophes being caused by the Stones' absence in their respective timelines (i.e. the Ancient One tells Dr. Banner that she needs the Time Stone returned to her reality, as it is her chief weapon against forces of darkness). The Mind Stone ending up in an alternate timeline as a result of being removed from Loki's scepter and not leading to the creation of Ultron or giving the Maximoff twins their powers will not lead to a catastrophic event.

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This is not consistent with Captain America's comment "I know, clip all the branches"

Another way around that would be to return the Time Stone to the Ancient One first and then have her use the Time Stone to return the Space and Mind Stones to their previous housings. We know the Time Stone is capable of doing that because Thanos used it to bring the Mind Stone back into existence after Scarlet Witch destroyed it.

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Their primary concern appears to be removing the stones from where they "should" be, or taking one and leaving others - the ancient one implies it's that imbalance which causes a "bad" timeline to branch off, the black line she demonstrates, not just making other changes. Otherwise even Hawkeye going back in time and removing a baseball glove would have catastrophic consequences and need to be remedied.

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He has the infinity stones. It's quite possible he could have used them in some fashion to return the others to the original form. For example, he could have done it or asked the Ancient One to use the time stone to return them to their original form. Regardless, there is no way he or Hulk wouldn't have planned for this before he left. They were in no rush to return them. They had a time machine.


Corrected entry: Loki escapes with the Tesseract in 2012 and didn't go back with Thor so the events in the other Thor films didn't happen as Loki was a key character in them and Thanos couldn't get that stone, regardless of Cap putting the stones back at the end.

Correction: Changing the events of the past creates a new timeline, it doesn't alter events which have already happened in the original one. The new timeline where Loki escapes with the Tesseract will likely be the basis of his upcoming solo TV show, but doesn't change anything within the MCU as we currently know it.

Corrected entry: Quill wouldn't recognise Gamora at the end as they hadn't met before, reason being is because she travelled forward in time with Thanos before meeting Quill and stayed there. Regardless of Cap replacing the stones.

Correction: The movie makes it clear that changing the past doesn't change the future - that trip is just more future for the characters travelling, and/or splinters off a new timeline, rather than changing the existing one. More Back to the Future 2 with the "bad" 1985, rather than BttF 1 with the fading photograph. So Gamora leaving 2014 splits off a new timeline where she and Quill never met, but we're still in the original timeline where they did, she's just joined ours rather than changing the past.

Continuity mistake: In the final battle, Wasp and Ant-Man are in the van trying to get the quantum tunnel operational. We cut back to the fight and we can see Ant-Man there too, fighting in his giant form.

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Suggested correction: He needed to hot-wire the van. It's quite possible he could have left the van for parts (he's seen slamming a Leviathan to the ground) or to protect it. It also could have been an illusion by one of Dr. Strange's people.


Sorry but the suggested correction makes no sense. For one Dr Strange's people have no idea what Ant-Man looks like, and secondly Ant-Man would have no idea where to get parts from in the middle of a battlefield, let alone know if alien technology would be compatible. Also the time frame given when the scene plays out allows no time for him to leave the van, this is a legitimate mistake.

Dr. Strange's people don't know what Ant-Man looks like? He entered the battle with them long before they went to the van. Earth has had access to the same Leviathan parts since the original Avengers. If Toomes can make wings out of it in Spider-man Homecoming, it's possible he can figure something out. Clint had passed the glove to Black Panther before Ant-Man is seen in the background. There was plenty of time. He also could have been defending the van while they brought the glove.

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