Thor: Ragnarok

New this week Continuity mistake: According to the previous film, Thor: Dark World, Asgardian kings live approximately 5,000 years. (If I want to be cautious here, this statement is only valid about Odin and of unknown validity about other Asgardians.) But in this film, Thor says Odin fought Surtur 500,000 years before.


Continuity mistake: When Karl Urban is defending the Asgardians, the dust covers on his rifles vary between being open and closed several times. M16 dust covers are sprung loaded - they open on the first shot and have to be manually closed afterwards.

Continuity mistake: When Thor speaks with Valkyrie in Hulk's room, he makes his presence known by leaning on the end of one of the drinks racks. But in the following shot, he's moved a few steps back. (01:10:20)


Continuity mistake: When Thor and Loki are in front of the Shady Acres care home, a old man wearing a black hat passes behind them but in the next shot a woman is there instead.


Revealing mistake: During the fight in the forest with Heimdall and Hela's soldiers, he uses the sword but the tree is cut before the hit, and the soldiers on the right fall before the hit too.


Continuity mistake: Banner is covered in green powder, but when he is separated from Thor the powder covering his face and hair is suddenly gone.

Continuity mistake: When Valkyrie is drinking and watching the fight between Thor and Hulk, an object appears in her hands from nowhere.


Other mistake: When Loki gets up from being thrown during the "get help" scene, he seems too far to the left of the screen (Thor's right). Thor is still looking down to his left at the fallen guards, and in the previous shot we saw that Loki fell amongst them as he knocked them down.

Continuity mistake: In the scene when the Hulk is changing back into Bruce, he is wearing a round plated metal belt around his waist. But straight after when Bruce is lying on the floor there is no belt, just the material.

MJ 85

Continuity mistake: Hela kicks Hogun and breaks the wall, but a few shots later he is standing in the middle of the square.


Continuity mistake: After Hela breaks the hammer she has a sword in her left hand which disappears in the next shot.

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New this month Suggested correction: No, she does not. The first shot after she breaks the hammer, her hands are free. She then caresses her own hair and turns them into her trademark thorny helmet. She does conjure up a sword 27 seconds *before* the hammer but either the resulting shockwave blew it away, or she dismissed it for the theatricality of it. She loves theatricality.


Continuity mistake: After pardoning his cousin with the melt stick, when he says "I'm stepping in it" Topaz can be seen with the melting stick on her left, in the next shot she has it in her right and then back to her left hand when she says "burnt toast." (00:39:00)

Loki: I have been falling for 30 minutes!

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Trivia: Stan Lee makes his usual cameo as the guy that cuts Thor's hair.

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