Thor: Ragnarok

Trivia: When Thor is strapped in the chair we can hear the music from the original Charlie and the Chocolate Factory; specifically an instrumental version of Pure Imagination.

Trivia: Stan Lee makes his usual cameo as the guy that cuts Thor's hair.


Trivia: Spoiler! There is a mid credit scene that features Thanos' ship.


Trivia: The helmet used by Thor is very similar to the classic helmet used by him in the comics.


Trivia: In order to keep a light yet collaborative mood amongst the cast on set, around 80 per cent of the dialogue in the movie was improvised.

Trivia: Anthony Hopkins originally didn't intend to return for this film, but upon reading the script, he changed his mind.

Trivia: Spoiler - Thor takes the Asgard people in a space ship, like Beta Ray Bill did in the comics.


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