Thor: Ragnarok

Corrected entry: At the beginning Thor is caged, then is dropped with the skeleton. The skeleton falls more slowly than he does.


Correction: Yes because, having less mass and therefore less inertia, the bones are more susceptible to slowing from air resistance during the fall. All objects fall at the same rate in a frictionless vacuum regardless of shape and mass, but natural environmental conditions still affect this.

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Corrected entry: During a mid-credit scene, while traveling in space en route to Earth, the Asgard refugees ship is ambushed by another colossal ship. This, however, should have not happened. Science fiction fans know that ships don't go gallivanting in empty space on conventional drives. Instead, they use a faster-than-light mode of travel method as "performing hyperspace jumps." Moreover, Asgard and Midgard (Earth) are two of the nine realms. There is one hyperspace jump between them. (02:04:00)


Correction: Stumbling upon something is not a mistake, whether in real life or in the movies.

Correction: Asgard and Earth are not one hyperspace jump away, just because you can get to earth in one step from Asgard using the bifrost. Secondly as seen in Guardians of the Galaxy 2 a ship has to go through a jump point in order to go into hyperspace which this ship is apparently not near one yet. We have also seen that ships require fuel and we can assume that when not in a hurry they will only drift until needed. We are also not aware of what this or Thanos' ship is capable of.

I didn't say anything about Bifrost and hyperspace being that same; and the fact that there is one jump point between the Midgard and Asgard is not my inference from this film. But all of these aside, ships still don't go gallivanting in empty space on conventional drives. Sanctuary II didn't pull them out of the hyperspace either. They were in empty space, doing pretty much nothing. Sanctuary II stumbled upon them. That's a mistake.


Stumbling upon something is not a mistake, whether in real life or the movies.

But gallivanting in empty space on conventional drives is a mistake, both in real life and movies.


They're not "gallivanting" - as the original correction stated, GotG2 showed you need jump points to travel significant distances, and the Asgardian ship is presumably en route to one when it's intercepted by Thanos.

They don't seem to be heading for a jump point. They seem to be totally aimless. "Presumably" is a word that renders this whole site purposeless; if it looks like a mistake, it is a mistake. Plus the first Captain America film and the first Thor film state that Midgard and Asgard are part of the nine realms connected by Yggdrasil (or, as Jane Foster puts it, an Einstein-Rosen wormhole).


"Presumably" is just as valid as "seems to be." :-) We have no clue as to their fuel status or intentions, beyond going to Earth...somehow. And as you repeatedly keep ignoring, GotG and indeed Thor 3 itself have demonstrated that interplanetary travel needs a jump point or a wormhole. As such at the very least they're making their way to one of those under conventional power, because what other option do they have? This isn't a mistake, it's pure conjecture. Just because space travel doesn't work in the MCU the same way it does in other sci-fi movies, that doesn't make it a mistake.

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Corrected entry: How it is possible that, despite Loki being on Sakaar for some time, he seems to have no idea that The Hulk is also on the planet? This is given away by his reaction when he sees Hulk in the arena. Loki also has gotten close to The Grandmaster, and there are images of the Hulk carved into the sides of buildings, but he has no clue that The Hulk is the arena champion?

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Correction: Loki has only been on Sakaar for a week. We do not know how often the Contest of Champions is held with its champion (Hulk), we also don't know how often Loki left the Grandmaster's home. Also we see that the building with Hulk's head is under construction, so Loki may not have seen it when it was closer to completion.

Also, Loki specifically says he's never seen the champion, He may simply have had no interest in watching the gladiator battles until he had an opportunity to watch Thor fight.

Jason Hoffman

Loki does not have the best relationship with the Hulk and may be in denial of Hulk's fame on Sakaar. Loki may even be paranoid or phobic about the Hulk's presence on Sakaar. Being a consummate deceiver, first and foremost, Loki is probably lying, just to avoid the subject of the Hulk.

Charles Austin Miller

Correction: Loki says he's been there for weeks not a week, long enough to gain the trust and obtain the codes to the private collection of ships. It would be impossible for him not to know the Hulk was there as he's worshipped by everyone and his picture is everywhere.

That is entirely your opinion. If Loki had no interest in the games, he could easily have not known or cared. He may have been vaguely aware that a creature resembling Hulk had his image displayed, but still not have known Hulk was the champion. You may not agree with Loki not knowing, but that doesn't make it implausible.

Jason Hoffman

Everything you states is also an opinion. Whenever you use the word "may", then it's purely speculation. I still find it highly improbable that Loki has been on Sakaar long enough to gain the Grandmaster's trust and be part of his inner circle without knowing that The Hulk is the champion.

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