Thor: Ragnarok

Continuity mistake: Banner is covered in green powder, but when he is separated from Thor the powder covering his face and hair is suddenly gone.

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Suggested correction: We have no context to know how long Bruce was missing, but the next time we see him he still has green powder in his sideburns.

Continuity mistake: According to the previous film, Thor: The Dark World, Asgardian kings live approximately 5,000 years. (If I want to be cautious here, this statement is only valid about Odin and of unknown validity about other Asgardians.) But in this film, Thor says Odin fought Surtur 500,000 years before.


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Suggested correction: In Norse mythology, Asgardians have access to the magic apples of the goddess Idunn, which make them immortal. Without the apples, they wither and die. This process takes about 5,000 years. With the apples, they can live forever.

Thanks for writing that. It was fun to read. But according to Thor: The Dark World, Odin is younger than 5,000 years. This film states that Odin has not seen the previous Convergence (the celestial alignment that also takes place every 5,000 years) and the war that was fought by his father, King Bor. He has heard stories of it but he cannot be certain. (See 0:32:00) And Bor is dead. All of these are inconsistent with this film that claims he had lived 500,000 years (100 Convergences.) Also, the franchise seems to have not adopted the Idunn's apple mythology.


The magic apples of the goddess Idunn have to be established in the MCU for this fact to be relevant.


Continuity mistake: In scene when Revengers are escaping through Devil's Anus, it is revealed that the ship has no weapons because it's a "leisure vehicle." Later when they appear to help the people on the rainbow bridge, they open fire with a cannon mounted in the vehicle.

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Suggested correction: Thor puts a gun in the ship when he gives Valkyrie her uniform. He even says, "here, now the ship has a gun"

Continuity mistake: When Thor and Loki are in front of the Shady Acres care home, an old man wearing a black hat passes behind them but in the next shot a woman is there instead.


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Loki: I have been falling for 30 minutes!

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Question: Has anyone counted how many rounds Skurge fires near the end? They seem like regular M16's with only a 30-round magazine in them, and it seems like he shot off more than 60 total rounds. Plus he said he got them from Texas, so it's not like they were enchanted Asgardian weapons. Or do the comics mention anything about earth bound weapons gaining some sort of extended/unlimited ammo capacity that this scene is a nod to?


Answer: There's no mention in the movie that the weapons have been enchanted or improved so it is probably just the usual heroic movie convention of 'bottomless magazines'.

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