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Continuity mistake: In the final battle, Wasp and Ant-Man are in the van trying to get the quantum tunnel operational. We cut back to the fight and we can see Ant-Man there too, fighting in his giant form. (02:22:20 - 02:23:00)

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Suggested correction: He needed to hot-wire the van. It's quite possible he could have left the van for parts (he's seen slamming a Leviathan to the ground) or to protect it. It also could have been an illusion by one of Dr. Strange's people.


Sorry but the suggested correction makes no sense. For one Dr Strange's people have no idea what Ant-Man looks like, and secondly Ant-Man would have no idea where to get parts from in the middle of a battlefield, let alone know if alien technology would be compatible. Also the time frame given when the scene plays out allows no time for him to leave the van, this is a legitimate mistake.

Dr. Strange's people don't know what Ant-Man looks like? He entered the battle with them long before they went to the van. Earth has had access to the same Leviathan parts since the original Avengers. If Toomes can make wings out of it in Spider-man Homecoming, it's possible he can figure something out. Clint had passed the glove to Black Panther before Ant-Man is seen in the background. There was plenty of time. He also could have been defending the van while they brought the glove.

There is plenty of time for Ant-Man to have left the van and returned to it. As the scenes play out, Ant-Man and Wasp are in the front of the van trying to hot wire it. The film then cuts to the battle for several minutes, as we see the passing off the gauntlet, which includes the brief shot of Giant-Man in the background. A few minutes later the film cuts back to the van and we see Scott opening the rear door of the van. So there's plenty of time for him to have gotten out of the van, saw potential trouble with the Leviathan, turned into Giant-Man to stop it while letting Hope finish activating the tunnel, and then returning to check the final settings. Now, all this raises another question that has to do with the apparent ease Giant-Man has in traversing the battlefield, as in why not just give Scott the gauntlet, have him turn into Giant-Man, take a few steps over to the van, and then shrink back down to take the stones back in time?


Factual error: New Asgard is in Tonsberg, Norway, but was filmed in Scotland. The truck Hulk and Rocket use to get there has a UK licence plate (SW61 5PN), whereas Norwegian plates use two letters followed by 4 or 5 numbers. Plus the pizza boxes in Thor's house have a phone number in UK format (01632 960776) not Norwegian. In fact, the 01632 area code is specifically designated for fictional use in the UK. Norwegian telephone numbers use fewer digits. (00:48:50)

Jon Sandys Premium member
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Suggested correction: The truck doesn't necessarily needs to be from Norway... It could be a donation to people of Asgard or they could have taken it since half the people had vanished. I'm sure they could get away with a license plate, especially with Thor by their side. About the pizzas, I can see Thor flying 2 thousand Miles to get a pizza he saw on TV.

But why would he fly that far away to get a pizza when he was depressed/upset that he let everyone down and was holed up in his place and drinking himself to oblivion? That makes no sense. Because you can "see" it - doesn't make it so. It would have to be in the script and the joke made if he actually went 2k miles.


Continuity mistake: When the camera is panning over the entire army on the Avengers' side for the first time, Captain America is standing in front of everyone, and his shield is intact and round again, while Thanos broke it earlier. The next time we see it, it's back to being broken.

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Suggested correction: The top half of his shield was broken off. When he is standing in front of Thanos' army, you can only see the bottom, intact half.

No no, the mistake is about the wide shot where you only see Captain America really small. He has a full shield there (as he is just CGI).


Continuity mistake: In 2012, when Tony flies up inside the Stark Tower snooping on the Avengers talking to Loki, Loki delivers his lines faster compared to the original Avengers movie, and his movement is different too. (01:16:15)

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Suggested correction: This doesn't seem to be a mistake as it would require a side-by-side comparison with the original film. Within the context of this film, everything fits.

Exactly. You could maybe get away with submitting this as a Deliberate Mistake, but since it's a scene from another movie being shown from a different perspective, it doesn't need to play our exactly as it did the first time. We'd just be watching that exact same scene from the other movie then.


No. The angle doesn't matter when the lines are delivered at a different rate.

Trivia: Thanos loses his hand - someone's lost a limb in nearly every MCU film since Iron Man 3.

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Suggested correction: With the exception of Bucky in Civil War and Maw's buddy in Infinity War, only in the Phase 2 movies has someone lost an arm in every movie.

Klaw has his metal arm removed in Black Panther.


Trivia: While Peter and Ned are hugging in the school there is blond girl behind them wearing a Spider-Man skirt.

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Suggested correction: It's not a Spider-Man skirt. It's just a skirt with a black and white spider web design. Especially since the black suit was not something that has happened yet in universe.


Trivia: The film took inspiration from the Star Trek saga - the last episode of Star Trek Voyager was named Endgame as well and involved time travel.

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Suggested correction: It should also be pointed out that "Endgame" as a term has been around a long time. It's a chess term and refers to the final stage of a process or event. "Voyager" might have taken inspiration from Marvel themselves since Marvel Comics have had at least 16 stories titled "Endgame", starting in the 60's. Stories involving The Mighty Avengers, Iron Man, Captain America, Black Panther, Guardians of the Galaxy, Ant-Man, The Incredible Hulk, and Thanos.


Suggested correction: Not to be confrontational, but has this actually been confirmed? As in, did any of the filmmakers say that they were inspired by "Star Trek: Voyager"? The fact that the word "Endgame" appears in both titles doesn't mean that one was inspired by the other.

wizard_of_gore Premium member

It was confirmed by the producers.

Kevin Feige confirmed that Star Trek: The Next Generation inspired elements of the film. At no time did he mention Star Trek: Voyager.

The episode is also about time travel. Caption Janeway goes back in time to get her ship home faster and save member of her crew.

The fact that 2 things involving time travel also involve the term "endgame" does not mean that one inspired the other.

Continuity mistake: In Tonsberg while Thor is drinking beer with Hulk and rocket, he holds the bottle with his left hand then his right.

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Suggested correction: He simply switches hands, more than three times at least. Can't see it happen all the time but there is plenty of time in all occasions for him to do it.

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Continuity mistake: While Hulk eats breakfast with Cap, Nat and Scott, the crepe on the top is cut in two. In the next shot it's in one piece, then in two again. (00:38:30)

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Korg: Thor, he's back. That kid on the TV just called me a dickhead again.
Thor: Noobmaster.
Korg: Yeah, Noobmaster69.
Thor: Noobmaster, hey, it's Thor again. You know, the God of Thunder? Listen, buddy, if you don't log off this game immediately, I am gonna fly over to your house, come down to that basement you're hiding in, rip off your arms and shove them up your butt! Oh, that's right, yes, go cry to your father, you little weasel!
Korg: Thank you, Thor.
Thor: Let me know if he bothers you again, okay?
Korg: Thank you very much, I will.

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Trivia: Robert Downey Jr. was the only member of the cast who was allowed to read the entire script.

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Question: If Captain America had to go back to return the infinity stones to balance the timeline, would he not have to go back to before Black Widow died to return the Soul Stone?

Answer: Well since he wouldn't know the exact moment she sacrificed herself, he might have shown up before then and then just had to wait for everything to play itself out before returning the stone.

Phaneron Premium member

Answer: No before Black Widow died the soul stone was still there, he had to get it back after it was taken, so after Black Widow died.


I think the poster meant he would go back to the time he knew Black Widow and Hawkeye were aiming for, or a bit before for safety, then go there and wait until Black Widow died and Hawkeye got the stone, and then return it. It would be hard for him to watch, but then he would know when the right time was.

Right. But you also have to think that, having witnessed the events, and then seeing that the Red Skull is the guardian, that would have been a damn interesting scene to watch. Does Cap try bargaining with the Red Skull to return Black Widow to life after giving the stone back? On the other hand, the Ancient One's explanation was that the flow of time occurs simply because the stones are in the universe. I don't think it mattered where they are. She only wanted the time stone back because of how it was tied to the Sanctum. So really, Cap probably could have just thrown the stone in a ditch somewhere and been done with it. It also raises a question about the nature of Vormir as the home of the stone. We see the other stones were more or less fashioned into artifacts and out and about. This implies that they too were in some sort of temple in their raw stone form before being found, seized and manipulated into a real-world application. So does Vormir even have a mechanism for receiving the stone back once it's been claimed? And what is the soul stone's solo power, anyway? Reading people's fates like a crystal ball?


I don't think the red skull is really the red skull anymore, just some kind of ghost of whats left of him. However the stone gets returned is irrelevant, yes he could even just leave it in a ditch somewhere. He didn't return other stones in their original form either, except the time stone. These timelines don't continue on as the original one. According to the comics the soul stone is sentient and everyone sacrificed to obtain is has their soul trapped inside the gem. Cap and the others of course don't know that (although Hulk must theoretically know having used it) or in the MCU this does not apply. When possessing it you can control any life and read their souls (their feelings and desires). One can also revert living things back their original state (like Nebula for example).

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