Alita: Battle Angel

Factual error: Grewishka consistently survives falling several stories down. He is twice the size of a normal human. Assuming that he maintains the same density (weight to volume ratio), the fall must still be 8 times (2×2×2 times) harder. A scientific breakthrough that reduces density is perhaps not far-fetched in a work of sci-fi. But here, Grewishka's demonstration of brute force suggests that he actually has higher density, not lower.


Factual error: Hugo detonates an incendiary device on Zapan's torso. Zapan's cloak catches fire, which he discards. The fire should burn (or at least blacken) his organic face and mohawk, but none of these happens. Zapan emerges completely unscathed. Most of his body is metallic - an excellent heat conductor. Zapan's organic parts should suffer serious damage. (01:27:25)

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New this month Suggested correction: Zapan is a total replacement cyborg, similar to Alita. That means that nothing on his body is organic, besides the brain inside. His skin, hair, eyes and everything else of his face is artifical. We see that when Alita cuts a part of his face off. So, we don't know how fire resistant those artificial materials are.

New this month Even concrete walls (completely fireproof) get blackened by fire. Zapan didn't. Also, fire-resistant mohawk?


Factual error: When Zapan speaks while his face is chopped off, the producers have failed to take into account the importance of mouth and tongue in producing speech. As a cyborg, Zapan could use speakers to produce a voice, but he isn't.


Alita: I do not standby in the presence of evil.

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Trivia: Michelle Rodriguez has a cameo as Gelda, who is fighting along with Alita in her flashbacks, and Edward Norton has a cameo as Nova, Alita's main enemy on Zalem.

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