Alita: Battle Angel

Factual error: Hugo detonates an incendiary device on Zapan's torso. Zapan's cloak catches fire, which he discards. The fire should burn (or at least blacken) his organic face and mohawk, but none of these happens. Zapan emerges completely unscathed. Most of his body is metallic - an excellent heat conductor. Zapan's organic parts should suffer serious damage. (01:27:25)


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Suggested correction: Zapan is a total replacement cyborg, similar to Alita. That means that nothing on his body is organic, besides the brain inside. His skin, hair, eyes and everything else of his face is artifical. We see that when Alita cuts a part of his face off. So, we don't know how fire resistant those artificial materials are.

Even concrete walls (completely fireproof) get blackened by fire. Zapan didn't. Also, fire-resistant mohawk?


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Continuity mistake: When Alita is playing the street version of motor ball she knocks over Tanji. In the next shot Tanji is following her in the pack as she scores, then the shot switches back to him on the ground.

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Alita: I don't mean to be rude, but am I supposed to know you?
Dr. Dyson Ido: Actually we haven't met.

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Trivia: James Cameron originally intended to direct the film, and began work on it way back in 1995. He kept pushing it back, as he felt the technology to make the film hadn't been perfected yet, and also because he became attached to several other projects in the meantime. Eventually, Cameron relinquished the director's seat to Robert Rodriguez and instead focused on writing and producing the film. The film was finally released in 2019... twenty-four years after Cameron started work on it.


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