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Jurassic Shark 2: Aquapocalypse picture

Stupidity: Two oil rig workers were looking at two young ladies in bikinis who were sunning themselves on a boat/yacht. One oil rig worker said, "That's where we should be right now. With them, enjoying the sun, instead of baking in it." Both men had double layers on - a jacket or sweater over a jersey or T-shirt - and one man was wearing a tossel cap. Even if it gets cold on the rigs at night, they did not need to be dressed in warm attire during the sunny daylight hours. (00:10:35)


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Extraterrestrial picture

Stupidity: April shoots the alien with a double barrel shot gun but she shoots through the glass door, making it easier for the aliens to get in the house.


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Cheerleader Camp picture

Stupidity: It seems dumb on the cops' part not to notice Cory acting like a cheerleader after the events of the weekend.


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Lucky picture

Stupidity: This lady lives in the United States, she obviously doesn't have a criminal record, she can go buy a handgun or rifle, heck she can buy a handgun and rifle and extra magazines and ammo to defend herself, but she chooses golf clubs and baseball bats and mace. (00:00:01 - 01:20:00)

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Suggested correction: Richard was effectively frozen by both fear as well as seeing the two people he murdered coming back for revenge against him; the fact that his handgun was ineffective on them was further evidence that he wasn't thinking rationally.


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Scream picture

Stupidity: Judy Hicks, a trained cop and sheriff with over a decade of experience, does not carry a back-up holstered gun on her when she is off-duty, one day after her son's close friend is stabbed seven times near to death. A trained police officer/sheriff would also question why the killer would tell her they are about to kill her son, before they do it, if not to bait them and lure them into a trap. (00:45:58 - 00:46:30)


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Underwater picture

Stupidity: Norah is an experienced engineer and handywoman, still, she doesn't even bother herself for a second to at least TRY to fix the faulty escape pod.


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Separation picture

Stupidity: On the phone, Marion told Paul, "I'm nearly certain she'll [Maggie] get full custody, but if you fight this, you stand to lose everything, even visitation to see your daughter. Sign the contract..." Jeff wanted to see Jenny and, other than being unemployed for three years, there were no reasons his parental rights should be terminated. It was not "in the best interests" of Jenny to relocate to Seattle and never see her father again. Fighting it, Jeff would have likely won custody of Jenny. (00:15:39)


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The Omen picture

Stupidity: The babies could have simply been swapped at the start. There was no reason Father Spiletto needed to inform Robert Thorn of his son's death and then convince him to take a different child instead.

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Suggested correction: Perhaps, but then again the Satanists were trying to cover all bases. If they simply swapped them, the parents may start questioning things when Damien grew up and they might have noticed that he didn't look or behave like either of them. For insurance they could have brought Robert Thorn into the plot (without his knowledge of the full story), so that if she asks any questions he could simply stick to the story, offering a cover to the Satanists. During the conversation, he mentioned that the baby dying would be devastating to his wife (which is why he agreed to the switch) so his intentions were pure, even though it ends badly and tragically for both him and his wife.


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Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers picture

Stupidity: All those people at the bus station yet no-one reports a blood trail from the phone to the bathroom? There's even blood in the sink.

Amy Emerick Tice

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Firestarter picture

Stupidity: Charlie set her mom's blouse sleeves on fire and mom/Vicky just stood in the same spot, holding her arms (burning sleeves) out in front of her until Andy came and smothered the flames with a blanket. Even children know to "drop and roll" or put fire out by smothering it. (00:22:56)


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