The Amityville Horror

Corrected entry: They wouldn't have had Starbucks coffee shops in small towns in the 70's, but the family drives past one on their way to (or from, I don't remember) the restaurant.

Correction: Only the parents go to the restaurant, and they aren't shown driving to or from it. On the way home from the hospital, they do pass what looks like the Starbucks logo, but in fact says "Hair Designs Unltd" in the same green and white lettering.


Corrected entry: The words "Home sweet home" are displayed on the fridge, but George hits the fridge and most of the letters fall to the floor. In the following shot, the word "Home" can be seen on the fridge again.

Correction: Let's not forget that house is huanted the spirts could have moved the letters back onto the fridge.

Corrected entry: Isn't the house supposed to be at 112 L.I. not 412 L.I.? And the house structure is totally wrong.

Correction: The current owners of the home would not allow the real address or a true replica of the home to be used. The children's names were changed as well, along with the DeFeo story. It's not a documentary, just based on the Lutz family's claims.

Corrected entry: When Ryan Reynolds looks up to find the dead girl when he is in bed, the girl is seen to be hanging from a rope, even though when she died, she was not hung at all.

Correction: This was done as a scare factor to freak the husband out. There's also another scene where she is being held down by hands on the ceiling, which also never happened.

Corrected entry: The shotgun was the weapon used to kill the family in the beginning, but the ghost of the girl has one hole in her head. A shotgun from that close it would shatter her skull, not leave a hole like a pistol or rifle would.

Correction: It was a rifle at the beginning and the story told by the babysitter confirms a rifle, not a shotgun, was used. The shotgun is only used at the end.

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