The Amityville Horror

On day 28, Kathy heads to the library to find out about the house that she once so badly craved for. She dicovered that a derranged Reverend Ketcham built the home and used it as a torture chamber to torture Native Indians in disgusting ways. Since the beginning George has been hearing the familiar evil voice and on day 28 goes completly nuts and tries to kill the family. After George chases the family around the house they end up outside Kathy hits George in the head with the end of the shotgun that Ronny DeFeo used to kill his family. (George tried to kill his family with it.) The family puts George in the speedboat and sails off away from the house. George wakes as is coming out of a coma and tells Kathy to not look back at the house and just sail on. The last thing we see is Jodi at the bottom of the stairs, turning back all the clocks to 3:15, and getting pulled through the floor by these huge hands. The Lutz family spent 28 days in the house. They never returned to Amityville not even to retrieve their possessions.


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