The Amityville Horror

Trivia: During filming of the movie, strange supernatural occurrences happened on set. A lifeless body washed up on the shore by the lakeside movie set and actor Ryan Reynolds stated that many cast and crew began waking up at 3:15 a.m. This is the same time the Defeo murders occurred.

Trivia: Ryan Reynolds chose to keep away from Jesse, Jimmy and Chloe so that when his character's personality started changing, it would be easy for him to transition into George's physical and verbal abuse. Ryan's distance from the three young actors made them think Ryan didn't like them.

Continuity mistake: When Billy is holding logs still for George to chop, the second log he puts on the stump is stripped of any bark. But when George swings down to chop it, the log is suddenly covered in bark. (00:50:45)

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Father Callaway: Your house frightens me, Mrs. Lutz.

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Question: Probably it's for dramatic impact, but it seemed strange that Ryan Reynolds' character would rush out to the boathouse on seeing the red balloon. It would have made more sense to check her room first, but he leaves (and even dives into the icy lake) without telling anyone. If it was out and out panic, wouldn't he wake his wife? Apart from as a plot device, any ideas why?

Answer: He sees the balloon, and instantly assumes his step-daughter is inside the boat house, and hence is in danger of slipping and drowning (or perhaps already in such a situation). He rushes straight out to get there as quickly as possible. Checking her room, or telling his wife would take up time, not to mention he is probably running on adrenaline.

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