The Conjuring 2

Factual error: No council house in Enfield has a cellar like that.

Factual error: Fireplaces in the house are not those of a 1930's British house, they are the wrong size (more USA dimensions). You'll never see a British tiled fireplace quite like that.

Visible crew/equipment: When Ed is playing the Elvis song there's an unexplained arm visible in the reflection of the glass in the corner of the room. The arm is visible for around 1 or 2 seconds before moving. (01:24:00 - 01:30:00)

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Factual error: A few days prior to Warrens' visit to the Hodgson's family, Janet watches the British comedy TV series "The Goodies" on TV. The episode that she was watching actually aired on December 22 of the year in the UK. Later, when Ed records the interview with Janet, it turns out that it's December the 21st. (00:28:20 - 00:31:25)

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Factual error: The school sign, supposedly in the 70s, is showing an 11 digit telephone number with an area code starting with 012. The 01 prefix was not implemented until 1995.

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Suggested correction: London used the 01 prefix from the 1950s. It was the rest of the country that adopted it in 1995 (at which time inner London adopted 0171 and outer London adopted 0181). However, the number should only have nine digits in the 1970s.


Revealing mistake: During the scene near the end, at the climax of the film, when Ed is holding onto Janet for dear life outside her bedroom window, as Lorraine rushes over and pulls them back into the house, 'Janet' is a dummy.

Other mistake: In the train scene, when Ed plays the two tapes separately, the first tape says," Help...It...Let...Go, Help...It...Let...Go." The second tape is then played, saying," Me...Won't...Me...Won't...Me." When played together, it should say," Help me, It won't let me go, Help won't, it me let go." Instead, it somehow turns into," Help me, it won't let me go, help me, it won't let me go." There aren't enough words in the second recording to fill or sequence the entire sentence(s). (01:45:00 - 01:49:00)


Factual error: All four Hodgson children go to Enfield Grammar School. Enfield Grammar School is a single sex boys' school, so the two girls could not go there. In addition, grammar schools in England are secondary schools. While the two girls (aged 11 and 14) are of secondary school age, their younger brothers are of primary school age.


Continuity mistake: In the middle of the movie during a non ghost activity kitchen shot the Pyrex bowl on the top shelf moves slightly from one shot to the next. You can see the full frontal pattern in majority of the movie, however, it moves slightly, revealing where there is no pattern visible on the bowl.

Continuity mistake: In the beginning of the movie, students pour out from the school. Margaret and Johnny walk up to Janet and Billy by passing between two tall boys making them apart. In the next shot, the boys are walking side by side behind them. (00:09:50)

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Revealing mistake: When the girl is hanging from the ceiling her hair is following what gravity normally does. This gives away that the set is actually upside down and she is really on the floor. If she were stuck to the ceiling her hair would've been down on her face.

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Anita Gregory: Last year I was conned by a Welsh family pretending to be possessed by demons. And honestly, I don't know what was worse: the demons or the people who prey on our willingness to believe in them.
Lorraine Warren: The demons... are worse.

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Trivia: When Lorraine Warren is dreaming about the demonic nun in her house, the demon actually reveals its name in 2 ways. The first is the way Lorraine realises at the end of the movie (written in the Bible). However, the audience is another way-the gold letters on the bookshelf behind her also spell out the name "Valak."

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Question: Why would Valak tell Lorraine her name if that's her only weakness?


Answer: Valak was portrayed as a particularly powerful demon. In horror films demons are often portrayed as overconfident, and in this case it was thinking that Lorraine Warren would not be powerful enough to be able to defeat it. In addition, Valak revealed their name while Lorraine was in a dreamlike trance state, so it may have believed that she might not remember or make the connection at any point and be able to use it to her advantage.


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