The Conjuring 2

Factual error: The scenes outside the school are filmed in present day. The school sign is showing an 11 digit telephone number with an area code starting with 012. The 01 prefix was not implemented until 1995.

Factual error: No council house in Enfield has a cellar like that.

Factual error: Fireplaces in the house are not those of a 1930's British house, they are the wrong size (more USA dimensions). You'll never see a British tiled fireplace quite like that.

Factual error: The movie opens with the Clash's song "London Calling", released in December, 1979. The movie takes place two years before the song's release.

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Suggested correction: The song plays over the movie, not within the movie itself. It's no different than the movie's score being played over certain scenes despite being written in 2015 or 2016.

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Factual error: A few days prior to Warrens' visit to the Hodgson's family, Janet watches the British comedy TV series "The Goodies" on TV. The episode that she was watching actually aired on December 22 of the year in the UK. Later, when Ed records the interview with Janet, it turns out that it's December the 21st. (00:28:20 - 00:31:25)

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