The Conjuring 2
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Ed Warren: Come on, Bill. You're not a psychiatrist, and we're not here to talk about my father. What do you say we get down to business?

Anita Gregory: Last year I was conned by a Welsh family pretending to be possessed by demons. And honestly, I don't know what was worse: the demons or the people who prey on our willingness to believe in them.
Lorraine Warren: The demons... are worse.

Lorraine Warren: Do you know when the voice is going to speak?
Janet Hodgson: Sometimes.
Lorraine Warren: And when it does, does it feel like it is coming from inside of you?
Janet Hodgson: No, it is more like it is coming from behind me, like I'm being used.

Lorraine Warren: Ed, this is as close to hell as I ever want to get.

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