The Conjuring 2

Continuity mistake: Hatchet marks are already visible on the door when Vic Nottingham arrives to chop through it.


Continuity mistake: The red napkin in Ed Warren's hand disappears and reappears several times while he sits at the breakfast table.


Continuity mistake: In the beginning of the movie, students pour out from the school. Margaret and Johnny walk up to Janet and Billy by passing between two tall boys making them apart. In the next shot, the boys are walking side by side behind them. (00:09:50)

Bunch Son

Continuity mistake: In the middle of the movie during a non ghost activity kitchen shot the Pyrex bowl on the top shelf moves slightly from one shot to the next. You can see the full frontal pattern in majority of the movie, however, it moves slightly, revealing where there is no pattern visible on the bowl.

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