Stupidity: How would a devout catholic like Angela not believe in the devil, as she tells Constantine? Makes no sense.

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Suggested correction: Some Christians don't believe in the literal personification of the Devil. They see him more as a metaphor for all human sins. So according to them, the Devil is not something to blame evil on. Everybody has God and the Devil in them.


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Continuity mistake: In the pool when Constantine grabs the possessed Angela, he grabs her by her head with both hands. When it cuts he's holding onto her shoulders. (01:26:40)


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Trivia: Jay and Silent Bob (from Kevin Smith's films) get a mention during the movie. When talking about sidekicks, three are mentioned, the first two by name, and the third is a description of Jay and Silent Bob. (00:19:25)

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Question: I never fully understood why Constantine disliked 'half-breeds' so much, he called them "hypocritical bullshit." Can someone enlighten me?

Answer: He calls it hypocritical bullshit because half breeds exist in both half-demon and half-angel form, they "whisper thoughts" to us that are both positive and negative suggesting that we will do both positive and negative things, confusing us humans. They call it a balance because there are an equal amount of both good and bad half breeds. However he thinks this is unjust, because they should let us make decisions on our own.

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