The angel Gabriel is helping Mammon, the devil's son, cross over from hell into our plane (earth), to punish all humans... but just before she does so, Constantine slits his wrists to commit suicide and the devil Lucifer comes to take his soul back to hell. Lucifer then stops Gabriel from helping Mammon cross over, and takes Mammon back to hell.Constantine sacrifices himself to take the place of Angela's sister, who really committed suicide and is now in hell, so she can go to heaven. Because of this sacrifice, Constatine is about to go to heaven, but Lucifer heals his ailing lungs (from chain smoking) and Constantine lives again. Gabriel loses her wings, and becomes human herself.Staying after the credits reveals that Chaz (who is killed by Gabriel) has become an angelic half-breed.


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John Constantine: When I was a kid, I could see things. Things humans aren't supposed to see. Things you shouldn't have to see. My parents were normal. They did what most people would do. They made it worse. You think you're crazy long enough, you find a way out.
Angela Dodson: You tried to kill yourself.
John Constantine: I didn't "try" anything.



When Constantine manages to get the mirror through the window he falls on his back. To the right on the screen a chair lies on the floor beside a dresser. A few shots later when it cuts to Constantine getting up we can see the chair has changed position as its back now covers the opening of the dresser.



Stay after the credits. There's an additional scene where John goes to visit Chas' grave and leaves a lighter, then as he's walking away you see Chas with wings and he flies up into the sky.