The angel Gabriel is helping Mammon, the devil's son, cross over from hell into our plane (earth), to punish all humans... but just before she does so, Constantine slits his wrists to commit suicide and the devil Lucifer comes to take his soul back to hell. Lucifer then stops Gabriel from helping Mammon cross over, and takes Mammon back to hell.Constantine sacrifices himself to take the place of Angela's sister, who really committed suicide and is now in hell, so she can go to heaven. Because of this sacrifice, Constatine is about to go to heaven, but Lucifer heals his ailing lungs (from chain smoking) and Constantine lives again. Gabriel loses her wings, and becomes human herself.Staying after the credits reveals that Chaz (who is killed by Gabriel) has become an angelic half-breed.


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Continuity mistake: In the pool when Constantine grabs the possessed Angela, he grabs her by her head with both hands. When it cuts he's holding onto her shoulders. (01:26:40)


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Trivia: Jay and Silent Bob (from Kevin Smith's films) get a mention during the movie. When talking about sidekicks, three are mentioned, the first two by name, and the third is a description of Jay and Silent Bob. (00:19:25)

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Question: I never fully understood why Constantine disliked 'half-breeds' so much, he called them "hypocritical bullshit." Can someone enlighten me?

Answer: He calls it hypocritical bullshit because half breeds exist in both half-demon and half-angel form, they "whisper thoughts" to us that are both positive and negative suggesting that we will do both positive and negative things, confusing us humans. They call it a balance because there are an equal amount of both good and bad half breeds. However he thinks this is unjust, because they should let us make decisions on our own.

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